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Generator Talks to The Howling

The Howling are a band that you should be listening too. Fact. They are refreshingly different and their punk rock electronic style is nothing but brilliant. We sat down with Rev, their lead guitarist for a chat. This is what he had to say:

The Howling Interview Blog

Rev good to meet you, how was your day rehearsing? 

Good thanks, we’re back working full on with the album. It’s been a busy summer and we’ve had a lot of festivals and live appearances so now we’re really focusing on recording the rest of album. It’s pretty hot and sticky down here though!

The Howling played at Download Festival last month. Tell us all about it…

I think that’s the pinnacle of any bands career. It’s something all bands work for, getting a slot at download. I’ve played with previous bands in the past but this it was special this time. We’d worked so hard and it was a real surprise to get asked to play without having a release or having a label behind us. I mean being asked to play was smashin really! (Listen) 

So it was completely unexpected? 

It was it something we’ve been working towards and we have put ourselves in that arena. We felt ready and really wanted to play the festival. All the early work we were doing this year was working towards this and to be asked rather than put forward was great. The tent was rammed, the crowd were amazing we couldn’t have got it any better.

Which band did you enjoy the most? 

Normally download is a massive weekend for us. We’ve been going ten years but this time we took professional route got an early night on the Saturday. We did manage to catch a few friends, Rammstein and Limp Biscuit… We took in the whole festival on Sunday. We made sure we kept it chilled and prepared so for us it was all about being ready.

 So it’s very much a different experience when your playing

Very much so. I mean Download is a meeting of old friends from all across the country so it’s hard not to get sucked into the partying. If you arrive on the Friday, spending a whole weekend at a festival can make you feel a bit worse for wear on the Sunday. We felt pretty smug on the Sunday. We were fresh and clean and ready to roll whereas everyone else looked like they’d been through the mill!

You’re working on a new album at the moment, when can we expect to see that released?

We started on the album at the beginning of this year. We’re dropping the first single around October/ November time and we’re aiming to drop the whole album early next year. It’s looking like it will be March or April time. It’s just in need of the whole thing being put together by management. It’s all in the bag, all the writing’s been done, the tunes are there. It’s just a case of fine tuning the tracking and recording the B sides.

Are we right in thinking that you’ve been working with Dan Wellar whose also produced the likes of Enter Shikari and The Young Guns?

Yes we did four tracks with Dan Wellar which was great. The rest we produced with a production team called surge. It was all done over at our recording studio.

How did the name ‘The Howling’ come about? 

We have our own recording studio over on Great Eastern Street. We’ve been there six years and never had any complaints. Recently the landlord turned the basement of his property into a groundfloor flat. Basically what happened was a middle-aged man moved in and since early last year we’ve had worst noise complaints! Calling the council, the police, even though we had soundproofed the place. We kept on getting reports through from the police and local authorities saying he described the music as howling through the walls because it was so loud. It just stuck from there. You take a name and you run with it and yeah it’s us through and through. (Listen)

You guys play at Generator London on a regular basis. How do you find it as a venue?

We’ve done three dates there and we think its great. There is such an eclectic group of people there. The faces you see are constantly changing week on week. We play to people from all over Euporoe and all over the world, so it’s a great platform to perform our music and send across the world. We’ve seen Facebook likes in Australia and China, a whole range of people we’ve never played to before. They don’t know what to expect and we don’t what to expect.  It’s really about getting the music out and Generator has a constant stream of new and interesting people coming through.

Who would you collaborate with?

We really wanna work with The Prodigy. I would love to work with Jay Z. Yeah The Prodigy and Jay Z really. We’re kind of really into…I would love to work with Rick Rubin, I would love him to produce some of our stuff. Johnny cash if he was still alive. Yeah so The Prodigy and Jay z are well up there. Oh Kasabian as well, Kasabian are a big influence on us, both as musicians and as people really. Prodigy, Kasabian and Jay Z, that would make an awesome collaberation.

And haven’t you toured with the prodigy as a backing guitarist?

Yeah I did two and half years with the guys with their greatest hits tour around Europe and also did some sessions on the ‘Invaders Must Die’ album. (Listen)

Was it amazing?

Yeah it was. It was fantastic. It was at a time where my first band were kind of on the decline. I wasn’t feeling the attitude of the boys anymore. I met Keith Flint and Liam Howlett and they asked us to support them in Brixton. Just from that we became friends had a real connection with the music so we started talking. Talking about getting in the studio together and then Liam invited me down to start working on riffs together. He was just someone you can communicate with and get along with. From then he asked me to do a couple of dates and it just grew from there. I ended up being on the live circuit for about two and half years. He really was the driving force for myself and Blacky to put The Howling together and go off and do our own thing. Take a lot of influences from working with a guy who is so talented and so down to earth and has just such a wealth of experience. It’s great we can still say we’re really good friends, and I love his band, and I love him a s a mate and it’s really cool to have been a part of that. It was an absolute privilege really.

What makes you gel well as a band?

Honesty. Pro activity. We are a very hard working band, all the boys in the band are. I’ve surrounded myself with people who are as driven as I am and as driven as Blacky my lead singer and my co- partner. You have to make sure everyone is there for the same reasons and everyone has the same level of commitment and dedication. If you’ve got a problem with the way the bands being run or this that and the other, don’t harbour the feelings get it out. It’s better to have an argument than to have a fist fight 6 months down the line. In terms of leadership. It really is a very open and honest band we are very close and hard working. Leadership as well,  having two people in charge of the band both making the decisions, rather than having a democracy means everyone is more on board and you don’t have five people pulling in different dictions.

Lastly, if you could have named the royal baby what would you have called him? 

Howling Rev! (Listen)


Head over to Generator London on Tuesdays to see The Howling Live from 8pm!


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Generator Generator Talks to The Howling

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