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Ten Things to do on Halloween…with a twist

You know us…we like to be different. Here’s how we do it at Halloween…

Ten things to do on Halloween with a difference

1)      Laugh  at people who work in shops

and who have been made to dress up against their will. Our particular favourite this year are the male members of staff in the local Tesco who have somehow been hoodwinked in dressing up as female witches. Classic.

2)      Watch ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’

Horror films are fun and all that but it’s all about jack the pumpkin king and his little ghost dog whose nose glows red.

3)      Have a pumpkin carving competition… after a night out

We’ve tried and tested this one and here are the results:

  Ten things to do on Halloween

4)      TP a house

This one isn’t different but we liked it too much to not include it…oh and in-case you somehow you skipped out your entire childhood and don’t know that means. TPing is where you cover a house from head to foot in toilet roll. Oldest trick in the book.

5)      Run Wild

Go clubbing with Running Wild Halloween Special. They’ll be dishing out a mix of house and techno. Fancy dress is optional and all the proceeds go to charity.

6)      Don’t plan your Halloween outfit

Sometimes the best things come unplanned. What wonders you can conjure up in your house when you don’t plan ahead may surprise you. Suddenly that blue pacman poncho you bought for a festival has a whole new purpose.

Ten things to do on Halloween

6)      Watch Frankenstein at the theatre…in a cinema.

Confused? Let us enlighten you. Thanks to the National Theatre Live you can now see screenings of theatre productions at local cinemas, one of those being Frankenstein. It’s a quarter of the prices and still amazing.

8) Instigate a grumpy man conversation at work.

We all love to complain. It’s what the British do best. Speed bumps, the tube, the sun, it all comes naturally to us. This is how a conversation went when we broached the topic of Halloween at work:

 Question: So have you guys bought sweets to give out to trickle treaters.

Answer: God no, I have to go through two doors to get to them. I’m going to pretend I’m not in.

Question: SoWhat are you doing for Halloween?

Answer: I don’t know but last night I was in this restaurant and a little kid in a mask was running around asking for sweets. AND these two old grannies actually gave him some. Erghhh.

 7)      Go to Wholefoods.

That might sounds strange but all you have to do is set foot in Wholefoods, the all American superstore, and Halloween will literally smack you round the head with his big pumpkin shaped fist. It’s like you’ve been whisked across the Atlantic and dropped straight into a Halloween town where a man painted in white with blood dripping down his neck double bags your pumpkin for you. 

9)      Look at this Halloween Buzzfeed

and wet yourself laughing. We love buzzfeed, you love buzzfeed, everyone loves buzzfeed. But their recent post on ’32 parents who nailed it on Halloween’ was definitely a keeper.

10)  Be a ghostbuster

Well not actually but this month’s Future Cinema is a Ghostbuster special. It’s interactive cinema at it’s best, they make you dress up and as close as you’ll get tot the real thing. Shot gun not slimer!


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