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Taking it one Kitsuné Club Night DJ at a time: Part 1

We have a one off party coming up this Saturday over at Generator Venice. It’s our hostel opening party AND it’s being sponsored by record label Kitsuné. We thought we would delve in a little deeper into DJ’s Gildas and His Majesty Andre, who will both be swinging by Generator Venice to play the opening party. Enjoy.

So Mr Gildas…

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Born and bred in France, Gildas has got suave down to a tee. When playing live, he is the definition of spontaneity, and his whole image is often referred to as one of a modern day dandy. When it comes to his music, it’s more of a question of what he hasn’t done. Gildas started his own label Kitsuné back in 2002, alongside partners Masaya Kuroki and the London-based company Åbäke. The label incorporates both music and fashion and is a product of the French/ Japanese influences which created it.

The Kitsuné Record Label have given us a lot to be grateful for. Without Kitsuné we may never have been privilege to some of the best tracks to come out of the last five years. To name a few of our personal favourites, Hot Chip,  Two Door Cinema Club and Digitalism were all signed by Kitsuné and have kept us smiling with their songs. Gildas, we thank you for that.

Gildas will be celebrating his label’s 10th anniversary this year. As well as making others hit the big time, this guy has produced some of his own quality tracks. His first two remixes were released back in Autumn last year. They include a stunning remix of ‘Sun’, the second single from Two Door Cinema Club, and an unbelievably addictive remix of True Romance from Citizens! His debut album ‘Here we are’ was received with welcoming arms and didn’t disappoint.

Gildas and Kitsuné have spent the summer touring the globe playing venues in Paris, Tokyo, Stockholm, New York and at their very own stage at TomorrowWorld Festival. This Saturday,he will be hitting up our Generator Venice Opening Party. Look out it’s going to be a rowdy one!

Have a listen on Soundcloud for a lovely little taste of what’s in store this Saturday night.

Check out the Kitsuné website for more:

His Majesty Andre it’s your turn.

‘Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed’. It’s hard to find a piece of writing about His Majesty Andre which doesn’t sight that quote. And you can see why, it’s pretty profound.

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His majesty Andre will be gracing our Generator Hostel this coming Saturday night for our hostel opening party sponsored by Club Kitsuné. You probably know him for his famous and cleverly named track, Peep Thong. It was through this track that he gained respect from renowned DJ’s across the globe and unsurprisingly caught the attention of Pete Tong.

Born in Italy, producer His Majesty Andre is well and truly at the forefront of French House. With the likes of Fatboy Slim and Armand Van Helden giving him the seal of approval you can be sure to expect big things from this one. His music incorporates all different kinds of genres and his reggae inspired set at Brixton Club House in London was a perfect example of him doing just that.  Bring on Saturday the suspense is killing us!

To see what a day in the life of His Majesty Andre is like, have a read of his blog:

Check out our 2nd part of the Venice launch line-up with Jerry Bouthier and Lorcan Mak.





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Generator Taking it one Kitsuné Club Night DJ at a time: Part 1

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