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Taking it one DJ at a time: Part 2

Jerry Bouthier

DJ number three out of our four Kitsuné Club Night guests is Jerry Bouthier. Although Paris born, Bouthier came to London and seems to have never looked back. His music is an amalgamation of electro, disco, pop and rock. He hit the big time when he snagged a residency at BoomBox in London. Since then his reputation has exploded. It’s clear he has a passion for making every set like his last and is intent on giving people an experience on the floor that they won’t forget in a hurry.

Alongside his music, Bouthier has major ties with the likes of Vivienne Westwood, Kitsuné, BoomBox/Ponystep which have made him a fixture in the fashion world, as well as on the music scene. This has led to him being a regular provider of soundtracks for big time fashion shows.

Bouthier knows what it takes to command a room and he, and the Kitsuné label, make for a great combination. There’s no doing things by half with this guy so be prepared for full on music mayhem tomorrow night.

Here’s a taste of what tomorrow night has in store for us from the one and only jerry Bouthier:

Lorcan Mak

 DJ Blog

Introducing the last of our Kitsuné Club Night boys, Dublin born Dj/Producer, Lorcan Mak. To quote Hotpress magazine, Lorcan Mak is ‘going from strength to strength’ and in our opinion they couldn’t be more right. He’s is clearly one with a bright future ahead of him having already won an award for best up and coming DJ at the Irish Dance Music awards back in 2010.

When it comes to Techno fueled house productions, Lorcan Mak is owning it, his remix of I love London by Crystal Fighters being a perfect example. His repertoire  boasts both remixes and his own creations, many of which have been given the seal of approval by big name dj’s Laidback Luke and Laurent Garnier

Lorcan Mak has proved himself to be more than capable of holding his own up against the likes of Mr Scruff, Jackbeats and Mixhell. Over the years he’s been seen at Electic Picnic and Oxegn festival and he’s often played crowds of 15,000 without breaking a sweat. 

From the here to the now, his music has taken him across the Globe. New York to London, Paris to Bangkok. His focus is now on his own label, “Stay Hungry Records”. Watch this space.

DJ Blog

For more on Lorcan Mak:

For part 1 of our Kitsune line-up, check out our blog on Mr Gildas & His Majesty Andre.

See all of our DJ’s live tomorrow night at our Venice Opening Kitsune Club Night!



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Generator Taking it one DJ at a time: Part 2

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