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Superstar DJ…Berlin Opening Party Line-up

Two more nights. Three more days. The anticipation is killing us. The only thing that makes it better is to listen to some sweet music from our sick, sorry six DJs. That’ll ease the pain. There sure is a lot of them so lets do a whistle-stop tour just so you can put a face to a name.

What’s their craic?

Berlin Opening DJs

DJ numero uno is our turntable maestro– JFB. He’s bessies with the legend that is Beardyman and has done many a collaborations at Battlejam, something we would pay a hella lot of money to see. They are both big on the old improvisation. You can’t help but feel a little bit special when you know your listening to something made up on the spot. Some would say unprepared. We say COOL. This guy can go from jungle to dubstep before you’ve had time to blink so pay attention.

Next up Señor Cecile. Most of the time you see him alongside his DJ buddy and partner Reflexies but for this one he’s going solo. One Part of the Milan twosome who were formally known as Esperanza, they ditched  their old names to take their new and shiny names. And thus Cecile was born. Their approach to music is some what of a psychedelic one so look out for some trippy business during his set.

Berlin Opening Party DJs

Three, four and five are Kaos, Roland Tings and DreamTime (up above). Kaos’s style is an experimental one. That is all. Roland Tings mixes up house and techno with a little of his own ideas of how production should be done sprinkled on top.

Berlin Opening Party DJs

Rap time, here’s our one and only ladieeee, Miss Lauren Flax. She’s an internationally appreciated house DJ. Not only that but along with fellow producer,  Lauren Dillard. they make up Creep. Her video for Days has been nominated for best video and cinematographer at the Camerimage Film Festival. She’s got her fingers in some serious plum pies.

Sweet Sweet Music

Take your pick we’ve got samples from the lot:









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Generator Superstar DJ…Berlin Opening Party Line-up

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