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#Regenerate14 | The Launch by eVe Without Adam

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All photography by Meike Lesley Neumann


Last night eVe Without Adam made their way down to Generator Berlin Mitte for #Regenerate14′s launch party. They came, they explored, they mingled and they captured. Read all about it below.

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6PM. At the doors of Generator Berlin Mitte, long lists scan the guests and press invited to the pre-opening of the four day event #REGENERATE14, an exhibition evolving around the subject of Social Sustainability. Now is the time to finally see all the finished artworks and installations, some of them still in live progress, like the works of Franck Itow. Raw walls are his canvas and we are intrigued by the constant development of his vision on concrete.

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A young mixed crowd of art enthusiasts gathers in the hallways, rooms and elevators of the stylish building, taking their time to carefully observe and be inspired. The striped living room by Maser encourages you to take a seat in the colourful scenario and become part of his world while sipping on free moscow mules.

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Now we can also see the full effect that David Olge’s neon straws have in the UV light of the buildings car park and we must say that we are more than impressed. A surreal world of seemingly flying objects and a lot left for us to imagine with it.

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We head up to Juan Miguel Pozo Cruz’s room and realise that the artist completely changed the design of his walls. Now also counting with the set up to a live concert held later in his room, “HOME” is still home no matter how you design it.

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After enjoying apple cider, we continue our journey to the attic, where Jean finished setting up her projectors and shows real life Californian road-trip images mixed with GTA game clips showing similar routes as in her own produced moving images.

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Also the works of the young 22 year-old Fanette Guilloud are complete, with three different three dimensional graphic installations, which surely will invite you to a trip of optical illusion- you should see it for yourself.

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We are positively impressed with the event and the high quality of different artistic influences. We constantly stumble on so many different artistic expressions, some of them inspiring of course, but it had been quite some time in which we were able to dive into so many different worlds and still be mesmerised by each single one. We thank Generator and The Lab Magazine for the experience and for having us and encourage you all to have a look until this Sunday. Also, don’t forget the party on Saturday night with some of Berlin’s finest DJ’s!

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Stay tuned for #Regenerate14 in Copenhagen

7th – 10th August




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Generator #Regenerate14 | The Launch by eVe Without Adam

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