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Your new Generator experience

At Generator, we’re evolving. As you can see, we’ve launched an exciting new website and a fresh new brand. Our intentions are good – here at Generator we want you to be engaged and informed. We want our destinations to give you an experience you’re never going to forget.

What’s new?

  • Group Bookings… you had it before, but now it’s better than ever.
  • Dashing destinations… we all think in pictures, so we’ve added more (lots more) plus they’re brighter, bigger and aim to show you what Generator is all about.
  • Blogs… on virtually anything you can think of. They come from guests, so feel free to share yours. If it has a link with a Generator experience, it’s in! Send your blog to
  • Social networking… enhanced for more engagement between you and Generator.
  • Handy maps, events and guides… so you can make the most of your stay at Generator.

Generator collage

What’s next?

Our guests have come up with some great ideas. In the coming months, we’ll be introducing interactive videos, more pictures, new hostels and enhanced website features to make the Generator experience even better.

Here’s to YOU… and Generator hostels.



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