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Our Top Free Travel Apps Part 2

Last time we looked at our favourite free travel apps we hunted down way the best free ways your smartphone could come to your rescue while travelling. Here we’ve once again put together some of our favourite ways to get the most out of your trip.


While we like to think that you can probably find out everything you’d want to know about our cities right here on the Generator website, Wikihood offers a great way to find out information about where you are in a related way. It’s great for having a flick through before heading out.

Groupon & Google Offers

You probably use these in your home city to hunt down daily deals and one-off bargains – but it’s great to change your city for the weekend and get the chance to join in the local madness!


One thing that sets one country’s culture apart from another is its music. If you’re travelling you’re likely to be exposed to new and exciting types of music wherever you end up – and it can be infuriating to not know the name of the track which goes with your favourite memory of a city. This is where Shazam steps in. If you haven’t used the app before, you just hold it up to the music source; it records it and then – probably by magic – tells you what it is.

GPS Alarm

Travelling by rail across the continent? Think you might need a few hours of shut-eye before you arrive? GPS Alarm sets an alarm to go off 5km away from your destination – which is just enough time to compose yourself before immersing yourself in a new city. It’s only free for a limited time – but if you’re a regular train snoozer then you’ll want to upgrade!


Remembering exactly where you’ve been on your travels can be tricky (especially when memories can get a little muddled after a drink). With TrackMyTour you can see where you’ve been through your travels and settle any arguments about where you and your friends got lost when you were wandering around Berlin!

Food Spotting

Food Spotting is a social food sharing app which doesn’t just focus on the restaurant (and whatever good will it has associated with its name) – but on the individual dishes. Users of the site upload pictures of their dinner and give the overall dish a rating and review afterwards – it’s a great way to get some real feedback on a place you’ve never been, or just to browse when you don’t know what you should have for dinner this evening.



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