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Our Top Free Travel Apps Part 1

If you’re living the traveller’s lifestyle you’re probably packing light. While you might have a small laptop with you, you’re even more certain to rely on a smartphone for almost everything. While you’ll already have a favourite maps app, and you hardly have to hunt for a place to stay (hint: stay at Generator!), we thought there might be room for us to put together our favourite travel apps for your smartphone for while you’re on the move.

Jibbigo Translation

Translation can be key in most situations and anyone who has used Google translate will know that there’s a world of difference between what you want to say and the way it comes out. But working out the language barrier, even if you’re already half-fluent, can be half the fun. With Jibbigo you can negotiate the tricky labyrinth of meaning by having the app do the translation (and speaking) for you. While no translation app is perfect it can be a good way to refresh your memory about key phrases.

XE Currency

While you’re probably quite capable of making the conversion in your head, it’s always good to know how much you’re paying in your own currency. This is a simple, quick free currency converter app.


TubeStar pulls together everything you need to know about using the London underground (which lines and when), as well as entertainment in the form of tweets about each underground line from official sources, and occasionally disgruntled passengers.


Found some sun? Don’t want to look like a lobster? Try out this no-nonsense timer app which works out when you next need to apply sunblock for your skin type and the UV intensity in your location.

Tip Calculator Free

If you’re going to leave a tip, you might as well do it right. This is great for splitting the bill with a group.


Whatsapp is the go-to for most travellers who want to stay in touch with those back home without the fuss of email. It’s an easy to use multi-platform messaging client. You can plug in to almost any chat system you use including Facebook, Messenger, Skype and Google Talk.

Museums Mobile

A superb mini museum guide in your pocket offering a vast array of information and a huge listing of all sorts of museums and galleries, including where they are, exhibition information, contact details and opening times. The “Nearby” feature is great if you’ve just missed your train and need to kill an hour nearby – who knows, you might even find gem of a museum off the beaten track.


While Generator offers free WiFi to all its guests sometimes you need to get online while roaming the city. To avoid costly data charges why not look up a free (or cheap) WiFi Hotspot nearby with this handy app. It’s free, easy and lists over 500,000 of WiFi Hotspots across all our cities (and more!).



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