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Our Powwow with DJ Santana

We had a nice sit down with Santana. Here’s what he had to say about his music, mottos and mind-set:

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What gigs/ projects have you got coming up for 2013/14?

I’m a resident dj at night club “Rosie McGee’s” in Copenhagen. So I have a lot of gigs there. I am looking forward to playing more gigs at “Generator Hostel” as well.. Friday the 13th I’m playing a 7 hour set for the newspaper “Metro express” and after that there’s more to come…. 

How did you come up with the name ….?

Since I’m half Danish and half Spanish and my last name is Santana… then why not “DJ SANTANA”?

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

I would actually love to collaborate with my former dj-buddy Patrick Pereira… but he’s dj’ing in in Dubai now. Hypothetically I could love to do a back to back set or two, with DJ and producer Miguel Migs ( Miguel Steward ) from San Francisco. I’m crazy about his funky deep-house sound… and I have been a huge fan off most off his releases since he started his own label “Salted music” and “Naked Music” back in the day.

Have you done a lot of travelling with and outside work?

I have been to almost every region off the world. I especially loved Ibiza and Tenerife, where I had the pleasure off DJ’ing as well. 

What age were you when you first got into music?

I was only five or six years old when I got my first drum. After two years I had about ten. I got my first record player at the age off seven and played my first real DJ set at the age off 13. I’m Still enjoying it even though I’m 38!

Who inspired you musically when you were young?

I was actually inspired by a Swedish artist ( Björn Afzelius ). I played my little drum along to his music, and I guess I tried to make it at bit more funky. It actually might have been my first unreleased live remix.

What do you like about playing at Generator?

The atmosphere is amazing. I’m crazy about the bar staff and the crowd was happy and thankful. I felt welcome witch means a lot for a DJ when he or she enters a club for the first time.

How did you come to play at the hostel?

A friend off mine told me about the place, and suggested I play there, and the rest is history!

What other pies do you have your fingers in outside your work?

I am currently studying to become a teacher.

What instrument would you most like to own?

Since I’m a drummer and have been playing the drums for real since I was 13 years old, I would really love to have a brand new set of drums. I have three sets already but still I would love a new one.

Do you get days where you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall creatively?

I do yes. I really do. If the club is empty to begin with, and the few people there don’t react, then I bang my head against the wall and wish I was lying home in bed.

Whose your style icon?

Most definitely sir Andy Warhol.

Would you rather live one 1,00 year life or ten 100 year lives?

I try to live every day a hundred percent.

What motto do you live your life by?

Der er ikke nogen problemer blot ting der skal ordnes.. 
There are no such things as problems, but only some things that needs to be fixed.



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