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What Are Yu Saying?

DJ Niko Yu…If the phrase ‘mad skills’ didn’t make us want to punch someone in the face…we would use it. Niko is brimming with talent and he happens to be a Generator Copenhagen regular. We thought we should get to know him a bit better.

 DJ Interview and Music Blog

What gigs/ projects have you got coming up for 2013/14?

Probably a lot of DJ gigs by myself and me with my turntable buddy DJ Wernz, whom I just formed the DJ crew Serato Samurais with. Got some gigs waiting for me next time I go back to Korea, and right now we are working on setting up shows in Europe and Asia with Afu-ra from New York. I will also still be touring with Danish funk artist Marc KD, and working on new songs with him, and probably play a few shows with some other rapppers.
Besides that I have a lot of artists asking for beats, so I should get back in the lab and get started on the beats again..

How did you come up with the name ….?

My name is Nikolaj, but everbody always calls me NIKO….and my middlename is YU… Niko Yu.

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

Good people. Right now I am working with a lot of great people from all over the world. DJ’s, rappers and tattoo artists. As a producer I would love to work more with some Korean and Japanese artists.

Have you done a lot of travelling with and outside work?

Within the last year I´ve been visiting some great cities like Strasbourg, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Seattle and Seoul playing dj gigs and some concerts with Afu-Ra and some other rappers. The next places I want to visit are Berlin and Iceland!

What age were you when you first got into music?

I started playing piano when I was 6 years old, and have always been interested in music. I started DJ’ing at private parties with my friend when I was 13, and got my first club gig when I was 16 (and actually too young to be allowed at the club)

Who inspired you musically when you were young?

I remember listening to the scratch part on Run DMC´s – Mary Mary, and that caught my interest. What really blew me away was N.W.A. – N***z4Life, and when Dr.Dre released “The Chronic” I just knew that I wanted to make music like that.

What do you like about playing at Generator?

The great atmosphere, the variety of people and the awesome staff of course 

How did you come to play at the hostel?

I started working at the reception..

What other pies do you have your fingers in outside your work?

Too much, but trying to narrow it down. Always end up being involved in too many projects at the same time. I want to start focusing more on making beats again. Just gotta find the time to actually do it. Well…at least I am never bored.

What instrument would you most like to own?

The Yamaha DX-100 synth and a talkbox…and I finally own both.

What aspects of your life do you take inspiration from?

Good times and bad times. Love and hate. It might sound like a cliché but having a bad day, and then going to the studio to work around it and creating some positive result as well as having a good creative day from when you wake up are both inspirational to me. And then I always feel inspired after travelling or discovering some new music.

Do you get days where you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall creatively?

Often. That´s why travelling and new experiences keep me going.

Would you rather live one 1,00 year life or ten 100 year lives?

Just live life as it is, and enjoy it

What motto do you live your life by?

“Let´s go and get lost”




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