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Naskademini’s Top 5 Photo Editing Apps

We’re slowly but surely reaching that point of the year when everywhere you click on your social feed leads you to discover countless holiday snaps… the kind that will prompt you to browse Easyjet quicker than you can say it. But these snaps aren’t all au-naturale; there are a plethora of photo editing apps on the market… but which ones are worth downloading? Well as part Naskademini’s top instagram tips, he recommended 5 apps that will give you those eye-watering results that you’re after.


 ’Go to’ apps for mobile photo editing by Naskademini 



Snapseed – IOS | Android
Overall the best 1 stop app, where you can make major adjustments and tweaks to your photos. I highly recommend the details tab, to bring out a lot of sharpness and details to your photos.



VSCO CAM - IOS | Android
This app is extremely popular for all the right reasons! It has a wide variety of filters that give you the mood and feeling that a film roll would give you and you can perform a variety of other edits and tweaks all in one app.



Photoforge 2 - IOS | Android
I use this app strictly for Photo straightening; it is the best app in the business for that. So if ever you took a photo that was not straight enough, this is the app that would fix it. 
Update: (This app is no longer available )



Photoshop Express - IOS | Android
When trying to clean up the grain from low light shooting, this app is perfect for that with just one slide of a button. If you shoot a lot at night you definitely need this app in your arsenal.



Big Camera - IOS | Android
If you want to mimic the DOP (depth of field) of DSLRs and pro lenses, this helps you do just that. If you take a lot of portrait and want the background of your subject to just melt away into creamy goodness, you need to try this app out.


Thanks for reading my tips, hope they help.
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