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Movember: How MO can you go

We’re almost at the end of the month that is MOvember. It’s been an emotional month. Mo bros and Mo sistas all over the land have been uniting in their efforts to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. Mo Bros have been sporting moustaches and Mo Sistas have been thinking outside the moustachey box of ways to raise money. Some Mo sistas have gone as far as growing their own moustache as the one and only Daily Mail brought to light this week. Don’t believe us? See for yourself here. Our Generator boys and girls got stuck in. If you’re squemish, look away now…

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We had a Generator pow wow to come up with some ways to raise money for Movember, aside from sporting a moustache. We won’t lie, there were a few out there ideas bandied around, live moustache shaving, a choreographed village people dance that we filmed and put on you tube, to name but a few. Due to health and safety and the awkward problem of public humiliation not being acceptable in the workplace, it came to be that we organised a MOvember bake sale. We even had our Chief Financial Officer’s daughter, Isabel, baking cakes. That’s how far we spread the MO love this year. In this MOdern day world we even decided to offer both sweet AND savoury baked goods at our cake sale. Quiche anyone? Sausage roll? 

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Mini Mo Man

Back to the point. MOvember. A month created to raise money for an extremely serious cause, where by introducing moustaches to the mix, people are able to raise money in a light hearted fashion. They can do something for charity that costs them nothing, uniting them in their efforts. The silent understanding from one Mo Bro to another. The hidden connection they share when their moustaches meet from across the room, a small nod, a wry smile, a hairy twitch. It’s almost magical. As someone in our office said, “I’m a walking, talking billboard for Prostate Cancer UK…I mean you can’t get much better than that can you?” People recognise it and donate as a result.

Movember works because it brings people together in their fight for this cause. Take Byron for example. For 10 whole days throughout the month of MOvember they can promise you a free burger IF you’ve registered with and raised £25. That’s a free Byron burger, every day, for 10 days! Mo Bro’s if this is the first you’ve heard of this…awkward for you you’ve missed the boat but seriously where have you been? It’s not all about just handing over big sums. By doing something a bit different and giving people a free burger they reach out and support every Mo Bro out there. They spur them on to make it through the month and to raise the money. 

Byron are just one example of many. Movember is inspiring, it inspired us this month and we’ll be doing the exact same thing next year. Here’s to MOvember! 




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Generator Movember: How MO can you go

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