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Miss it Miss out 5/09

What shenanigans are going down in our cities this week?



Its Cicchetti Fridayover in our lovely Venice hostel. It’s a real life, grown up treasure hunt but instead of treasure it’s food! We’ll hand-pick the 5 best Cicchetterias for you to track down on your hunt. All you have to do is stroll through the windy streets of Venice, find each one, sample some tasty Italian treats and make it back to the hostel!  Moving onto Generator Hamburg we’ve got Urban Generation to take you into the early hours of the morning this Friday night. DJ Belli Bell will be playing a happy go lucky mix of soul, R&B, funk and disco, it’s feel good music at it’s best.  In Barcelona, it’s our pleasure to introduce to you…Mr Malicia. He’ll be making the musical moves for our ‘Dancing with Myself’ night and is well known amongst regulars of Razzmatazz, Fea Festival and Nasty Mondays.


It’s the night  we’ve all been waiting for – our Venetian masterpiece is having it’s opening party and it goes by the name of Kitsuné Club Night’! The night will be hosted by none other than Kitsuné, both music and fashion label. They’ll be DJ’s to do a little dance to, tasty food to tuck into and our brand new hostel to wonder at. With an incredible setting looking out onto the water, our Venice Hostel couldn’t be more perfect for this one off exclusive night! If your lucky enough to get your paws on some tickets then thank your lucky stars. The big thing in Berlin over the weekend is Berlin Music week where you can see the likes of Bjork and the Pet Shop Boys. Tickets can be found here. Roaring 20′s  is the new project from Caberate de Mediancohe and its at Generator Barcelona.  A delightful mix of electro swing, indie and folk music all night long. Dress like them, dance like them and do as they did in the good old fashioned 20′s – it’s going to be a good’un!


Sundays are the perfect time to go strolling round markets. On that note if your in Barcelona this Sunday, make your way to Boxland Market. It’s full of little trinkets and treasures to dazzle your magpie eyes with. In Dublin there’s a lovely Beer and Cider festival going down at RDS all throughout Sunday. It’s only €10 a ticket and there’s a load of quality grub there to feast on after you’ve worked up an appetite with all that cider drinking,

The Weekdays…

Be sure to swing by Generator for our Mystery Mondays in Copenhagen for our new guest, DJ Betty Bronx. With her comes an eclectic mix of beats and bass and cocktails for only 50DKK. Spend your Tuesday afternoon making the most of September in the Square in the city of Dublin. Have a nosy into Oscar Wilde’s bedroom as some of Dublin’s most historic and intriguing buildings are opened up to us common-folk for the month. It’s Speed Date Thursday over at Generator Venice. What better way to make some new pals on your travels and they do say Venice is on of the most romantic cities in the world. Who knows what might happen!


That’s all for now curious ones…



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