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Miss it Miss out 23/01

This weekend we give you…

Miss it Miss out 23/01


Barcelona offers the best tapas in the world. Their gastronomical treats await for you round every corner. Take our Barcelona Tapas Tour this weekend and you’ll be introduced to dishes from all different regions such as patatas bravas, manchego cheese, a selection of Spanish hams and more. Nice.


Spend Saturday in London wandering through a room full of balloons at the Hayward Gallery. It’s the work of Martin Creed who won the Turner prize way back in 2001 for ‘The lights going on and off’. He’s making a comeback with his exhibition ‘What’s the Point of it?’ and is meant to be a good ‘un. Wander along the riverside after and you’ll be sure to bump into live music or street artists that fill up the pavements. 


Head to Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin. this Sunday It’s the king of the Irish music festivals, lasting five nights and five days. Check out our guide if you want some tips on how to approach it

The Weekdays…

In Copenhagen you can leave your troubles at the hypothetical door and come dip your toes in the water of ohm this Tuesday evening. Astrid’s yoga will take you under her flexible wing and show you the ropes of how to clear your mind. Make room in that head of yours to contemplate new experiences. This stuff is addictive.

If you want to make the most of Barcelona, get yourself booked onto our bike package this week. We’ll take you on a 3 hour tour through the 180 km of  glorious bike lanes, past all the big names and into the beautiful back streets and side alleys which intertwine throughout the city. 



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