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Miss it Miss out 17/10

Does it even need an introduction? Just in cases here is the best things going down this week.

Miss it Miss out Weekly Guide


Totter on over to Generator Dublin and DJ Willo will give you a classic Friday night. Deep house, R&B and a little bit of old school tunes thrown in there for good measure. Remember Roskilde in Copenhagen? If you can’t quite let go of the incomparable amazingness that was Roskilde, then you’re going to love us for this. We’re reliving the festival and reliving the happiness with our Roskilde Feeling Release Party


Tier park has something that’s just plain lovely this Saturday evening. It’s a called Romantic Nights and it involves a classical orchestra and a zoo. Hold hands and listen to the music in the delightfully unusual location.


Spend your Sunday browsing The Panza Collection at Ca’Pesaro in Venice. Liechtenstein, Rothko, Ryman; all the big names are there. If you’re roaming around London then you should know Sunday is the last day of the BFI Film Festival. There’ll be big names there too.

The Weekdays…

Ah the lovely weekdays. What’s coming your way? A lovely retro night over at Generator Berlin Mitte. A mishmash of dance classics and hiphop. Get on up on your feet and dance! They’ll be enough Tequila specials to keep you sweet! See you there Retrobates.




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