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Miss it Miss out 17/01

Hey up weekend…let’s see whats a happenin:

Miss it Miss out 17/17


Food markets are just the best. The smells, the samples and obviously the FOOD. Over in London the Real Food Market offers Lebanese, Indian, Mexican, cheese, puddings and almost everything you can think of. Tons of small and big companies all in one place with all sorts of delectable bites for you to munch on. It can be found hiding behind the Southbank so wander down the river when your done and you’ll have yourself a view and a half. Get your Bassface on this Friday night over at Generator London for a mix of Electro, House, Techno, Dubstep, Drum’n’Bass & everything in between.


This one’s for the old romantic in you. Over in Hamburg they hold Romantic Nights each Saturday in Tierpark zoo. Pad around the zoo in the day, marvel at the creatures and when the sun starts to set, you’ll be drenched with classical music in every corner. How cute. 


Hamburg fish market is one of the most unique/ bizarre experiences you will encounter…but we mean bizarre in a good way. One half fish market and other half insane beer hall with German rock band and dancing pensioners. So weird and wonderful you won’t even begin to imagine so go and see for yourself. If you’re in Copenhagen this Sunday, head to generator for Chillax Sundays. Sunday time is mooching time, after all a weekend full of fun and mischief takes it toll. Film starts At 9 pm sharp with a different flick each week. Popcorn and beer for just 45DKK so take your seats!

The Weekdays…

Wednesday is the opening day of Temple Bar TradFest in Dublin. It’s the king of the Irish music festivals, lasting five nights and five days. Check out our guide if you want some tips on how to approach it.

The BIG Berliner Trivia night is all about…Berlin? Come on, you need to be quicker than that if you’ve got any hope of winning our quiz night. It kicks off at 7pm this Wednesday over at Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg and will include questions on culture, fashion, history and the city itself. You can munch on anything from a tomato, mozzarella and pesto panini to a chicken Caesar salad. The prize is a surprise so wait and see. Muster up your team, decide on a name and come and get your geek on.




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