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Miss it Miss out 12/09

What’s up weekend…

Miss it Miss out 12/09 weekly guide


Down town at Generator Barcelona they’ve got their monthly treat, The Generator Indie Party. This time round Pin & Pon DJs are presenting the lovely Paula Quintana whose soulful acoustic sets really are something else and a pleasure to watch. Moving along swiftly to Copenhagen, Friday Rocks has the lovely setting that is Tivoli and is good for live music with your pals.


If your in Barcelona this Saturday, you need to swing by Hipnotik Festival. There’s no but about it. This is one original/ crazy festival if ever we saw one. There’s hip hop, rap battles, street dance and graffiti. Something for everyone? In Dublin something that can only be described as unique is going down this Friday it goes by the name of Dark Land. Sounds creepy doesn’t it. Instead of sitting in your comfy audience seats you’re the actor for the evening. Intrigued? Read more. 


The Brandery in Barcleona is an event for all you fancy folk to go to this Sunday. You can sample a Manhattan whilst you people watch the glitz goings on and get to see some of fashions newest pieces on the catwalk . The International Literature festival in Berlin is something pretty special even though it might not seem it at first glance. First time authors are a plenty there and they’ll be giving small intimate readings. Not something you get to see every day. Something a little bit strange but one we would definitely recommend is the international airport race over in Hamburg. Definitely most likely you won’t see it again.

The weekdays…

Funny Monday at Generator Venice is taking it back tot he 70′s with hula hooping and limbo to the sound of some Caribbean tunes to get low to. Berlin art week is brand new and it starts this Tuesday. Wednesday is your last chance to catch  a classical show at Musikfest, also in Berlin.

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