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Miss it Miss out 07/11

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 Weekly Events Guide


Hamburgers are spoilt for choice this Friday. It’s day numero uno of Hamburgerdom and for those of you who are not in the know, this means rides, sparkly lights and all things Christmassy. If you fancy something more musical you’ll appreciate 30 Seconds to Mars lighting up the Hamburg O2 World stage. We still have as much love for them as we did back in 2000.


Have a jazz sesh in Barcelona this Saturday with their Jazz Festival. It uses all the local haunts including the Harlem Jazz Club and Jamboree to name a few. Think dimly lit and smoky rooms, frantic and frenetic rhythms and jangly guitars and saxophones. Just how jazz should be. Spend Saturday in Dublin at their Beatles Festival. Gigs, art, film and a hella lot of beatles memorabilia.


We’ve heard Sunday is a Berliners favourite day of the week. Day of rest we think not. Do a Sunday Funday with Generator Berlin. Flit through a fleemarket during the day or head for an afternoon sesh in Berghain. Finish at our bar and a get a German snitzel and potatoes down you for €6.  Everyone loves a snitzel, or was it a slinky?

The Weekdays…

Thursday’s Hip Hop Karaoke night over in London. Be warned this aint no light hearted fun. If you do have the cajones to get up on stage, take it seriously or else they’ll boo your bad self off the stage. And remember, there’s no shame in being a spectator.







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