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Miss it Miss out 06/03

Fun, fun, fun…

Miss it Miss out


Night of the Jumps is big in Berlin. Head down for a night of bad ass BMXing and a hella lot of atmosphere. 


If you’re a music appreciator, check out MarchMusicBerlin this weekend. A mixture of modern art and contemporary music. The ideology behind the festival is to transcend borders and genres in music breaking modern day boundaries. All in the name of great music and isnporing art. We’re keen.

If you’re in Copenhagen this weekend be sure to hit up the Chocolate Festival. Stalls overflowing with chocolate in every flavour, colour shape and size. Get a taste and exploit the samples on your way round. It’s all about try before you buy. 


Muro Festival is a free event organised by local collective Muro Arts. The day is about the blending of music and art along with alternative ways of gaining something new. It is a sharing and participatory experience, altering slightly the familiar and successful flea market concept and adding elements uncommonly found in Ireland let alone Dublin.

The Weekdays

Generator and Thomas Woody are teaming up again to do another amazing exhibition. This time round we see ‘Woody’ using 3D media as well as film. All in all, set to be the best pieces of work to date. 



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Generator Miss it Miss out 06/03

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