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J-day: A Tuborg Christmas Miracle

Around this time a week ago, J-day happened. If Denmark’s not your home town then chances are you’re a bit bemused as to what this means and why you should give two shakes?

What it means is this: Tuborg released their extremely special, secret recipe, festive beer into Denmark. Think of the coca cola adverts but instead of bottles of the sweet stuff they give out free bottles of beer throughout the streets of Copenhagen. We kid you not. There are no strings attached to this Pinocchio. Just free, delicious, tasty, cold, refreshing beer. People rejoice on this special day. Once they get a taste of a freebie they begin the ten week quest to get a hold of some more. Of course it’s only free for the first day. Tuborg aren’t that generous/ stupid.

If you’re wondering why we are banging on about this beer which is so hard to come by. Let us enlighten you. J-day is a Danish tradition? True. This special festive Tuborg is few and far between due to it’s overwhelming popularity? Also true. You can only get this beautiful brew in Denmark? WRONG. We’ve somehow got our little Generator mitts on the good stuff and now it’s being sold in Generator Berlin Mitte, Prenzlauer Berg, Copenhagen and Generator Hamburg. This is a one time thing kids. Once it’s gone it’s gone. You’ll have to wait a whole nother 295 days to get a taste of it. How did we do it? Lets just say we’ve got friends in high places.

To just give you an inkling of just how good this beer actually is. Each year it is only on the market for ten precious weeks. Not a whisker more. That said, it is still Denmark’s fourth best selling beer. Pretty impressive eh? We’ve also failed to mention that its a lot more alcoholic than your average beer which means you get drunk wayyyyy quicker. Of course that is not a selling point and we would never encourage irresponsible drinking of any sort…

SO, if you fancy sampling this miracle juice, head to one of our Generators and get it down your neck before it’s all sold out. Like we said, you don’t want to be waiting 295 more days for it do you?



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Generator J-day: A Tuborg Christmas Miracle

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