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It’s all about the Takeovers

It may have come to your attention that a lot of companies are jumping on this takeover bandwagon. That may be so but not just just any Tom, Dick or Barbera can pull off a successful takeover. 

Who made our Wall of Fame…

Samsung were the first to go down the takeover route so it seems only fair to give them a mention. To promote their 3d Projection Mapping they created a YouYube game in which the computer screen crumbles before your eyes and butterflies zoom out, transforming the video into an interactive game. What was it that made it so good? Well apart from them being first to do it, the visual impact of their campaign was unbelievable! Watching it, all you wanted to do was to make your friends experience the same wonder that made your jaw drop when you saw it for the first time. People share experiences and watching that video was a goosebumps inducing experience and a half.

Skittles. Who would a thunk they would be so bold? When they handed their homepage over to their Twitter feed, heads turned. The reach was the main winner here. The word of mouth exposure skittles received from this campaign was prolific. Some argued that it was too focused on the delivery of the campaign and not the product itself. We beg to differ. Whether it was about the campaign or not, that day, all people did was talk about Skittles. Tick. 

Who fell down…

Whose next…Tip ex. Genuinely one of the most boring products that exists. It comes as no surprise that they came up with a great campaign in attempt to claw back some aspect of fun. Yes it was amusing. Yes it entertained us. And yes we typed naughty things in for the bear to do and had a giggle when the censored image appeared on our screen. Whilst this was entertaining it lacked a few important qualities. Interaction. We like chatting with you and hearing what you have to say. Of this it had none. No Facebook comments, few tweets. The reason? Tip-ex lacked their own social presence prior to the campaign. Why launch a social campaign of this size if you don’t have the following. Our trusty friends over at digitalbuzz said ‘It clearly has a Subservient Chicken feel, but this is still a great use of YouTube’. We couldn’t have put it better ourselves. Yes it was a fun video but the positives end there. Rule number one -know your audience. Tut tut Tip ex.

 Why our Generator Takeover is that lil bit different…

Hostel Competition

Imagine being handed an audience of 32 thousand people at the click of a button. People who’ve chosen to be there, people who’ll see and listen to whatever you say or do. We’re getting shivers just thinking about it because soon you won’t have to imagine…soon we’ll be making it happen!

Yes Samsung got there first, Skittles were brave and Tipex made Tip ex remotely interesting for five seconds but that was that. The Generator Takeover is one with a difference. We wanted to bring something new and exciting, never done before but also relevant to you and to our brand. DJ’s, artists, bloggers have all applied. We want to bring talent and creative juices to an audience who will lap it up. Not only that we want to give new and up and coming artists a chance to be seen.

We also want to interact with you as much as possible. It’s you who will enter the competition and you chooses who wins. What better way to get people sharing than by you promoting yourself as a brand through our us.The winners gets the control but you get to decide, comment, like, share as much as you like. You could discover a DJ you love, an artist who you’ll go and see or a designer whose T-shirts you’ll buy.

What better way to impact our customers than to make them a part of what we do. That’s just what our Takeover is about. We’re in this one together.

 Our 3 Golden Rules?

  • Know your audience – Don’t launch a social media takeover campaign if you don’t have any recognizable social media presence on Twitter or Facebook, ahem Tip ex, ahem.
  • Interaction – talk to your customers, say hello and be personal. No-one wants to chat to a corporate brand. Social is all about the people.
  • Do something crazy – When we say crazy, we mean different. Do something new that will get people talking. Nobody likes a copy cat.




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