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Introducing Our First Resident: Magda Stanova

Today is a big big day. Our first Generator Residency winner, Magdo Stanova, has landed in Venice! She battled the stormy seas, disembarked onto the beautiful Guidecca and bounded through our Generator doors earlier today, ready and raring to begin work on her residency tomorrow. Magda will be in residence for the next few of weeks, working to complete her project. Here is a little insight into what she is hoping to achieve in her time here, written in the words of Magda herself:

In 2008, I spent some months in Venice as a student, and started several projects related to the city that I would like to develop further. Here are two of them:

In the ongoing series Travel Guide, I collect observations in form of drawings, short texts, and sometimes photographs, with which I invite the reader to small personal experiences. I present places with inconspicuous, interesting details that are primarily connected to the order of the place due to the architecture or from the shape of the landscape. Even though Venice is full of commonly known places for sightseeing, it is ready to offer more subtle experiences and ideas to learn from. During the residency, based on collected observations, I would offer performative lectures / virtual guided tours for the visitors of the hostel (and general public).

Generator Residency

The city of Venice looks very different from the point of view of a pedestrian and from the point of view of a gondolier. Islands and blocks rarely trace each other. In 2011, with Roberto Casati and Stephanie Roisin, we published a paper titled (Corner)stones of Venice.

Generator Residency

My part of the work was to make maps that would make this two points of view visible. I would like to develop these maps further, which requires collection of data on site and visiting archives. I would like to prepare this series of maps for publishing, ideally in some Venetian printmaking workshop (maybe Fallani Venezia?).

Generator Residency

Check back here for a weekly update of Magda’s progress. She’ll show you the in’s and outs each process, any trials and tribulations she faces along the road and of course her final product. We canny wait. 




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Generator Introducing Our First Resident: Magda Stanova

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