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I Dress Myself | What to wear to a festival

Ladies, if you’re hitting up those festivals this year you might want a few tips to make sure you’re fully prepared for the adventure that you thought my be a walk in the walk! That’s why we’ve asked Yanin, the fashionista behind ‘I Dress Myself’ blog to share some best practice. 

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Being a fashion blogger, I get asked all the time what I would be wearing to a festival, and the answer is… I haven’t really thought about it till now. I normally don’t decide until the day but the day really is filled with so much hassle and not enough time for this and that before I head to the festival so planning an outfit was really the only answer. It varies really, from what shoes to wear as it might be muddy and if you should bring a jacket. These outfits I put together are really for those festival days where even if the sun isn’t out, it’s still a bit humid and warm to wear a jacket. 


I’ve paired in the first photo is a little boho dress I got from a site call Sheinside, converses, quay sunnies and a canvas bag. It’s super laid back and a great outfit if you want to dance and twirl and feel like you’re at coachella. (I wish!)

The second is the motel rocks halter top and skirt, the top is actually a bikini, comes in handy when you want to go through the human carwash if you’re at Reading Fest. I’ve put together my backpack for this one, you can stick in your camera, food, water, a poncho if it starts to rain and all the other necessities that you might wish to take. It’s not overly big as well so good size for a festival. 

I think dressing for a festival you really have to consider comfort and weather, you NEVER, I repeat NEVER want to turn up in heels of any kind or silly shoes like flats. Or worst…CROCS.

Dress comfortable for yourself and don’t go too wild like Ke$ha back in her ‘I puke glitter’ days. You’re really there for the music, so enjoy it!




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