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How To Stay Fit While Travelling

Burgers in Hamburg, Danish pastries in Copenhagen or Currywurst in Berlin – wherever you are the food is always good. But, you know this means you could risk adding a few pounds to your carry-on luggage on the way back. We are here to help you; here are some top tips on keeping in shape but still having a great time on holiday.

Take Your Trainers

Although your high tech running shoes may seem like an extreme thing to pack, especially if you are travelling light, they are well worth it if it means you keep on running as you would at home. If you’re in the city for any time you’ll soon spot a few routes which you’ll want to try out. If you’re unsure, it’s usually a safe bet to try and head along the river, or check the map for large green park spaces.


Public Push-Ups

In many public parks (and on the beach in the case of Barcelona) there is some form of free, outdoor exercise equipment. While, if you’re a little shy in the gym, it might feel even more embarrassing, these open-air gyms are full of friendly people on sunny days so it needn’t be. With a bit of research you’ll soon find that there’s beach aerobics classes, yoga in the park and tons of other fun activities to keep you fit – if you can get up early enough for them! You can also hop on to a cycling tour for some light cardio, although the bike tours may contain hidden calories…

Practise Makes Perfect

If you’re not one for public displays of athleticism why not practise a bedroom workout routine at home first? You will find out how long it takes, how effective it is for you and how much space you need to do it. Then you can easily adjust it to fit your fitness needs and accommodation. Try taking the stairs not the lift, or jog for the bus instead of walking.

Step Away From The Junk

We agree that part of the travel experience is the food but it doesn’t mean you should stuff your face with puddings and junk food. By all means visit local restaurants but try limiting your portion size on really unhealthy stuff and add a salad or veggies to your meal instead of chips. Stay away from generic junk food chains, just like you would at home.

Berlin Bars

Group Games

Making friends is what travelling is all about and while your first instinct might be to go to the pub, there are times when you’re bored of beer and you’re completely museumed out. Why not buy some cheap sports equipments, a frisbee, cricket set or just a ball and have a game in the lush parks of all our cities? It’s a great, and may we stress a mostly free, way to spend your time while the sun is out!



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