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How To Beat Long Distance Travel Blues

You have packed all your stuff, your iPod and phone are topped up with your favourite tunes and you are ready for your trip of a lifetime. It’s only when you have been on the plane/train/bus for a couple of hours (for the fourth time in the week) the euphoria of travelling has dulled slightly. Fear not – we’re here to keep you grinning.

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Home Away From Home

While you’re never going to feel totally in-your-slippers comfortable in a new city you should give it your best shot – especially during your down time when you’re on long train rides. Bring something which can act as a talisman to make you think of home, and only bring it out when you’ve got time to dwell on home! You’ll find it’s just as useful when putting it away to step off the platform into your next adventure.

Make A Change

It’s easy to get down if you feel like you’re not really engaging with the place you’re in – if you’re used to finding yourself a bit of culture, a nice bar and a good dinner before making some friends and hitting the town; try joining a tour or something equally as touristy. Or, if you’ve been spending all your time on tours take a day off and head off the tourist track or make some friends in the Generator bar.

The Journal

You’ve probably got one you’ve not filled in yet. Now’s the time to pull it out and start scribbling – if that doesn’t work for you then you can to set up a free blog on Blogspot or WordPress – you can post right from your smartphone. One of the biggest causes of the blues is a sense that you’re not doing something important or permanent – this is a way to make something real from your experience. When you’re back in the “real world” you’ll be happy to be able flick through it all.

More Friends

If you’re travelling in a group or have made fast friends while on the road it can feel much easier to just hang out with them. But this can lead to feeling a bit too comfortable. Make sure you’re always inviting new people into your group; it’s always easier talking to strangers when you know you’ve got a few friends to retreat with – make the most of it.

Find the Free

One of the quickest ways to feel the pang of the travelling blues is waking up with a hangover and much less money than you had last night – and less than you planned to have too! Take a moment to find something free to do; enjoy the parks and the free sights you can find in any city. A glorious day of parks and monuments might even convince you that buying the last round of cocktails last night was a good idea!

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