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Guest blog: Fashion in Paris

My Arrival in Paris – An Exciting Eye Opener!

My month in the capital of fashion has been one full of experiences and adventures! Walks in the Parisian streets, visits to the famous side walk cafés, shopping in the best shops, and of course my work at the Swedish fashion designer Anika Lena Skärström, have all given me an insight into Parisian fashion which I didn’t have before. I had pictured flowers, blue stripes, A-line skirts and dresses but I couldn’t have been more wrong! French fashion has historically been perceived as very conservative but at the same time romantic and classic. From my time in Paris I got the impression that this is about to change. Inspired by New York, Scandinavia, and the rest of Europe, the new generation of Parisian fashionistas are evolving to become more edgy and playful than ever before.

Fashion Blog

Even some of the biggest names in French fashion and Haute Couture houses, who have been the face of French fashion for several decades, are becoming more European and American inspired. From the beginning, creative directors such as Alexander Wang for Balenciaga, Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton, and Hedi Slimane for Saint Laurent have all represented the real French conservative and classic style. However in the last couples of years, they’ve undergone a huge change, and are now leaning to adjust to minimalism and edgy lines.

Fashion Blog

Paris is still the city of love, and that’s exactly why the image of Paris is such a  romantic one; the city itself, the buildings, the architecture and the atmosphere, which have been, and still are, a big source of inspiration for many fashion designers all over the world. Yet as I wonder around, I notice how it’s started to move in a more modern and trendy direction. Still, the changes I see in fashion do not seem to trickle down  to the small French boutiques and second hand vintage shops. Places such as Didier Ludot in the beautiful Palais Royal, full of Vintage Chanel jackets at real second hand prices, or small Sissi’s Corner in the fantastic Marais, with names such as Chloé and Hermés to be discovered there. I’m not saying they’re easy to find as they’re scattered all over the city, but that’s half their charm.

I hope that these little shops will stay forever, because they are nothing but fabulous! Paris wouldn’t be Paris without them.

Written by Line Larsen.


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Generator Guest blog: Fashion in Paris

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