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Generator Partners Guts for Change

You may have seen Guts for Change being bandied around in the lead up to our Berlin Opening Party, and you might be thinking what in the Hoolehan is this about. So, Guts for Change are a Charity and as of the Berlin Opening Party we will be cosying up with them to form a brilliant partnership. To save your tired old hands the efforts of typing their name into Google. Their Mantra goes a little something like this ‘We believe that individuals can make a difference, that ordinary citizens like us and you have the opportunity to make the world better – in both large and small.’

The quite lovely thing about Guts for change is that they really are just ordinary people who are doing something amazing. A lawyer here, an entrepreneur there, who one day decided their priorities lay with helping those less fortunate. They talk the talk and walk the mofo’ing walk, and when they say they are just normal people like you and me trying to make a difference, they aren’t talking crap. (no pun intended)

What goes down on a Guts for Change project?
Their first project began with five of them cycling from Berlin to India, documenting the entire 10,000km trip on video. The purpose of this escapade was to, if having raised enough money, initiate their project supplying a cohesive dry toilet system to the village of Darewadi. If you’re anything like us, you may have heard the term dry toilets but never really understood what it meant. To put it simply, if compost is too wet it will produce unpleasant smells and contaminate water it comes into contact with. Dry toilets separate the solids from the liquids (and by solids we mean poo) and as a result everything stays nice and hygienic. Over time they can save huge amounts of water in places where it’s scarce. They are low impact, sustainable and adaptable. They are just plain great. More recently they have embarked on a new project. This time it’s not only toilets, but beds. The aim is to provide sanitation and accommodation for the students of the Adhivasi Ashramshala school, which is found just 100km from Darewadi Village. Which leads us on to our next point…

Where do we come into it?
Dry toilets and beds are great. One problem? These babies don’t come for free and our pals at Guts For Change, like any charity, need partners to help make this happen. Our contribution is to do what we do best. Beds. We’ll be donating €0.05 per bed that we sell towards their new project. With the support of Generator and others, the project aims to have provided toilets and sleeping facilities for every student in the school by the end of next year.
If the curiosity has killed your cat, then take some time out to have a chat with them at our Berlin opening party next Thursday. They’ll be the ones taking polaroid pictures inside a toilet. Don’t be afraid they won’t bite. What they might do is widen your eyes to the work they do and hopefully inspire you, as they did us.




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