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Generator Design – Not Just a Pretty Face

Howdy everyone. We thought it was about time we gave you an insight into all the goings on behind our newly designed hostels. So here it is…

Berlin Generator Hostel


A lot has happened over the last year at Generator. If you’ve ever stayed at one of our newly designed hostels then we know what you must be thinking – how did they do it? We’re unique, affordable and we are impeccably designed. Not just in one, but in all eight hostels we own throughout Europe. We’re new and exciting and what we have achieved has never been done before. However this was no mean feat. We had ideas and visions but in order to make them a reality and to create language which was consistent throughout all Generator properties, we chose to collaborate with ‘The Design Agency’. After all, they’ve worked on projects such as the Soho House and the Shangri-La and share the same ethos as us here at Generator.

‘We embrace the full spectrum of design typologies and remain open to innovative ideas , technologies and new creative design approaches.’

‘The Design Agency’ is an award winning Toronto based agency managed by partners and long term friends Allen Chan, Matt Davis and Anwar Mekhayech. Anwar, our creative director was with us every step of the way and he understood what we wanted to achieve from the get go. 

Our intention has always been to reengineer the whole customer journey and ensure people feel special when they stay with us. For us, the ‘s’ in hostel stands as much for social as stylish and secure. The emphasis has always been on creating exciting common areas that are enticing and fresh. Through a focus on creating stylish and contemporary hostels which are central, safe and affordable, we know Generator is leading a new era for the hostel industry. We are an unstoppable team who share the same vision and determination to make our dreams a reality.


Our inspiration has always come from our surroundings. We wanted the design of each hostel to reflect the city itself.  The canals running through Venice, the artwork of Berlin and Barcelona’s architecture – some of the best and most ambitious in the world. These cities are unique , they are beautiful and one thing they have in common? Wonderful Design.

‘in all cases we’re creating fun features that draw on the unique spirit and culture of the city’ Anwar Mekhayech.

Barcelona City Generator Hostel Inspiration

With the help of our pals over at The Design Agency we deliberated on the defining features of each city and chose which out of these we would want to incorporate into the design of each hostel. When we thought of Barcelona we instantly thought of colours – warm oranges and bright yellows that reflect the Catalonian influence on the city.

The Jaw dropping architectural feats such as La Sagrada Família and Park Guell which surround you. Those were the defining features for Barcelona and so we knew vibrant colours and bold architectural statements had to be prominent in Generator Barcelona. Copenhagen on the other hand is stylish and chic.  There had to be a majority of sleek and unfussy attributes with a laid back feel within our hostel there.

Copenhagen Generator Hostel Design

Hamburg we felt was an industrial city but also bursting with character. Once a leather factory we wanted our hostel to incorporate this.

The Results

We couldn’t have hoped for more. Take Generator Hamburg; the moment you step foot into the lobby, the history of the building really comes through and the combination of exposed brick walls and blackened steel all add to the dramatic effect. A recycled bike hangs as a sculpture. ‘Local Artist Tim Keifer playfully acknowledges the importance of Hamburg’s cycling culture’.

Hamburg Hostel Design Generator

 It doesn’t stop there. Generator Barcelona is truly stunning and holds one of our favourite features: a forest of eccentric lanterns (created by local artist Juliee Plottier) over the Bar ceiling. Pretty nifty eh?! Moving on up, and a huge staircase winds it’s way through an intricate birdcage to lead onto a glass balconied mezzanine. Then comes the library, full to the brim with eclectic finds from local markets.

Barcelona Generator Hostel

Copenhagen has incorporated a pop up art shop/ gallery within the hostel. If you sneak round the side entrance you’ll stumble across illustrations of local artist Tim Bjorn which accompany you on your walk to reception. Beyond this large socializing lounges are furnished by local manufacturers such as HAY, Bolia and Muuto.

Venice, which only opened last month, and Dublin both exceeded our expectations. Dublin is beautifully lit and has an incredible vibe enhanced by your surroundings. Venice has a medieval feel with a stone tile floor and white columns throughout the ground floor. In each and every hostel there are bold statements but also tiny details all throughout. The Bar lights (Berlin Mitte) , the desk made from a stack of piled up books (Dublin) and the Henry the VIII toilets (London) show how no aspect has been overlooked. The outcome is inspired.

Hostel Design Features





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Generator Generator Design – Not Just a Pretty Face

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