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Generator Barcelona Seen on Screen

Our Barcelona Hostel is pretty jazzy. The floors are covered in mosaic, beautiful lanterns hang from the roof and so it doesn’t surprise us that we’re being invaded by bands using our lovely interior for their TV apperences. Spanish pop band ‘Sweet California’ popped in a few weeks ago to use the hostel for one of their interviews. 

 About Sweet California

New to the music scene, Sweet California were formed at the beginning of the year. There are three in the band and they go by the names of Rocio Cabrera , Alba Reig and Sonia Gomez (not to be mistaken with annoying teeny bopper and ex of the Beiber, Selena Gomez). Their new album will be produced by Warner Spain and is a mish mash of some of their own creations and covers. Their recent single ‘infactuated’ is already on sale the Spanish audience are loving it.

Their Interview at generator Barcelona

Barcelona Music Blog

 Getting comfy on our hostel sofas…

Barcelona Music Blog

Swinging around…

Barcelona Music Blog

The end result…

So that’s what happened when generator Barcelona was seen on screen Thanks for the visit ‘Sweet California’. Come back any time!

Click here for the interview and music video :




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Generator Generator Barcelona Seen on Screen

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