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For a Feather-Weight Ride Around Europe

When travelling, packing is one of the most difficult things to do. Arranging what you should bring becomes a hard task, but don’t worry; we’re here to help with the essentials!

Bag Basics

First of all you need a light bag; a fabric backpack is the best option. Many airlines only let you carry on less than 10kg for hand luggage and a hard case can be 3kg of that. It is easier to figure out what’s important when you have a bag that only gives you a limited amount of space!

A quick note on security: always have a lock with you – usually a light coil lock is best. You’re not trying to make the bag impossible to open; you’re just hoping to put off the opportunist criminal. Generator offers secure bag areas – but it’s better to be safe than sorry!

Staying In Season

The season can change how you pack. Winter is tricky because of the tendency to layer up: but this can be solved with one larger warm coat. Summer has the advantage of light clothing with nothing too heavy going in your bag.

Take a limited amount of shirts and trousers to mix and match along the way; everything in your bag should match everything else. Equally, dark outfits are your best friend as this means less cleaning!

One pair of comfortable, stylish, shoes is more than enough for city walking but make sure they pass as “smart” shoes, to avoid getting turned away at the club door!

Stay warm this winter in Europe

Divide (the Bill) and Conquer

Backpacking is much more fun when with friends, and cheaper! You can buy hygiene supplies locally and share. You can also save money by splitting your food costs with friends – make sure you check out the Generator website to avoid tourist traps.

You Can’t Take It All With You

Souvenirs are a big part of travelling but they can be a problem – as it was hard enough to pack in the first place! Instead, focus on taking pictures and videos – they’re a great way to keep memories alive. Store you pictures securely online to avoid carrying a mountain of SD cards.

Don’t bring all your gadgets, one is more than enough! Keeping in touch and surfing is easily done with a smartphone. Generator offers free Wi-Fi so staying connected is hassle-free.

Girls and cars

The Lightest Thing You’ll Pack

Research online before heading out; Generator’s website can be an amazing place to get inspired. As you look for the “to do list” of each city destination, also look for the list that says what not to do: avoid getting caught up in an awkward situations because of cultural differences or wandering into the wrong side of town!

The backpacking world is an unforgettable experience, and it gives you a taste of a city that can’t be gained from a book. Remember, your life can’t always fit in a suitcase: so don’t bring it all with you!



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Generator For a Feather-Weight Ride Around Europe

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