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Getting to Know Joss ‘Akiaki’ – Fashion Designer

Copenhagen Fashion Week will be in full swing as of Monday. Fashion Designer, Joss Akesson will be showcasing her new line with her Fashion Show ‘Design and Redesign’ at Generator Copenhagen. Having studied in Öland, Sweden Joss ‘Akiaki’ built a career working at and now has her own line. Here’s what Joss had to say when we interviewed her.

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What inspired you most to pursue fashion?

The lack of nice and unique clothing available for everyday wear.

What age, if any, do you target your designs at?

I get both 16 years olds and 50 year olds telling me how much they like my designs. Although, for this particular collection I would say that it’s most likely to be worn by 20-30 years olds.

Where are your favourite spots in the city, and why?

I love any small outdoor dining spaces, ones at street level, were you’re really close to passers by. I can spend hours just looking at people on the street.

Who are your greatest artistic influences?

I would say that DIY culture has been my biggest inspiration.

What is your preferred medium and why?

The street, that’s definitely where I find people who inspire me.

What is your preferred subject and why?

My creations are targeted towards people who are tired of the fashion consuming-game like shop ‘til you drop attitude, and have an interest in a unique look rather than wearing the same clothes as everyone else.

Is there an underlying message to your fashion? Are you attempting to communicate something?

Yes definitely. Try to keep a distance from the buy-and-throw-mentality and become a part of being a consumer without consequences. 

Have you exhibited much in the past or is this a first for Akiaki Designs?

This is the first exhibition outside Malmö for akiaki. I’m really looking forward to showing Copenhagen what Malmö DIY design is all about. I’m really excited! 

Generator Copenhagen provides large open creative spaces for local designers and artists, how you are able to take full advantage of this space? 

Generator Hostel in Copenhagen have a really welcoming atmosphere and give off the impression of always being on the go, which really fits Akiaki design. Since this collection is all about colors and street smart design, it feels really great to have a venue that represents the same feeling. 

How do you foresee the fashion show impacting on your work in the future? 

Hopefully the show will help reach a wider audience for akiaki design as it’s a venue full of folks from all over the world.  

What do you think will work well about the space your’re going to be using for the show and what could be a challenge?

As the show is in August, it will take place outside so if it’s raining it would be a challenge to pull everything off. Working with good people for the show I’m not worried about at all, but there are always challenges when so many people are involved. I’m confident that we will get past any challenges we face along the way. 

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Read more about Joss and her designs on her website:




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Generator Getting to Know Joss ‘Akiaki’ – Fashion Designer

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