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Carnival – Why we go back

The busy streets, the tasty food, the music. Notting Hill Carnival was this year as it always is – Brilliant. Here’s how we spent our day…

Notting Hill Carnival Parade

It’s my choc-o-late attack

Sometimes the best things come unplanned. The UK Chocolate Nation Truck is a regular at carnival and was definitely one of our highlights. It’s as it sounds, a massive truck with dancers, music and a hella lot of chocolate. Most years the first thing you smell is the waft of jerk chicken floating though the air. Not this time. The minute we stepped foot out of Kensal Green station into the carnival, we smelt the chocolate and two minutes later dancers were surrounding us covered from head to toe in it. You can’t help but smile even if you are being covered in chocolate at the same time. The best bit about it was stumbling across it by accident. Who knows, we may never see that truck again but that’s the beauty of it. Here’s a taste of the music to take you back:

Notting Hill Carnival Parade

Parading along

We spent the next half an hour weaving our way through the parade-swamped streets. Displays after displays passed us by, each with different colours, sounds and decoration. Even the kids in the parade who only came up to our knees had huge costumes strapped to their backs. They danced/ stumbled down the roads in the wake of their parents. Of course we tried our hand at dancehall…and failed. It’s one continuous huge celebration and you can’t help but get caught up in it. 

Notting hill carnival Sancho Panza

Sancho Panza yourself silly.

One thing we did plan to do was The Sancho Panza Street Party…and we have nothing but good things to say about it. What started in a basment back in 1992 has now become one of the best ways to spend your day at Carnival. It’s only a hop skip and a jump from Kensal Green (on Middle Row), and ideal if you want guaranteed good music and to avoid aimless walking and trying to find people amongst the crowds. They sell alcoholic slushies, they play a mish mash of house genres and once it’s full it’s full so get there in time. 

Notting Hill Carnival

Any seat will do

Notting Hill Carnival Girl


Notting Hill Carnival Photos

VIPee toilet

Girls at Notting Hill Carnival

We rounded off our day laying back in the park adjacent to middle row. The sun was shining and carnival was winding down which only meant one thing – jerk chicken on the cheap making it taste even better. So why do we go back? If we haven’t made it clear already, it’s unique, it’s entertaining, it’s full of surprises and each year is always different to the last. 


  • Be wary of chocolate trucks
  • If you do head to the Sancho Panza street party next year, get there before 2pm.
  • Wait till the end of the day for jerk chicken, you’ll get it at a quarter of the price
  • Buy your after party tickets in advance. They sell like hot cakes.








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Generator Carnival – Why we go back

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