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Berlin Mitte – #Origin

What can I say….. risks are risks for a reason.

Big risks usually mean big payoffs BUT [oh my days!] can the suspense kill you.

I recall the night before ORIGIN lying in bed thinking “We’re nuts, we’re all completely nuts. I know we like to push the envelope but a party in a building site. What are we thinking? PEOPLE COULD DIE!”

To say the least, we wanted to affect people, for want of a better expression, WOW our guests and partners in a surprising way – “Oh, that’s what we were thinking- Go us!”. After realizing we could be insured and planning our emergency exists, we got to the concept. ORIGIN – the point of place where something begins, arises or is derived. Let us arise, for one night only, from the real foundations of our exciting new hostel.

As with all our events and design features we aim to respect the soul of the city we are in, Berlin, which is known for its industrial history and raw venues. Hence, we chose to make as few adjustments to the site as possible. Instead we focused on bringing you quality through our contributors, most of which are independent businesses or artists.

To name a few…..

Benjamin Fischer, entrepreneur and incredible human being, welcomed guests from the freezing night of Berlin with a hot jar of organic apple cider, Berliner Winter. Made entirely from German products within Germany this tasty delight is both scrumptious and ethical. He is busy in his laboratory at the moment developing his summer version…. Sweeeet.

 Group shot Berliner Winter

Kim Hernandez dazzled us with her incredible fire performance. Previously of the independent Chivaree Circus in London, Kim decided to spread her [fire] wings in Berlin. Admittedly I was on the brink of a heart attack as I clutched the fire extinguished throughout her performance, repeating the mantra – WE ARE INSURED – but she rocked it like a boss and to Mr.G no less. Check the track here amd  pay attention at 2.40 “An intense piece of bass that fills you up and moves for you”, its why our lovely lady chose the track, bass and high flames: powerful combination.

Fire Dancer Berlin Origin

The dapper and extremely talented Hicks joined us from London. His [tech]nique is not particularly ‘street’ but plenty ‘art’, his well known calling card is a brush line sharp enough to shave with.. Hicks won the legendary Streetwars UK and has ever since been prolifically covering web, walls and print at home and abroad. Watch out, if you’re not careful, he might paint you!

On the night, Hicks was complimented by two German street artists Cren and Tussycats, both proudly sponsored by Red Bull. Below is a pic of Hicks painting the mural in our London HQ.


Then of course we had the barracuda boys: mixologists, flare bartenders and all around awesome guys. Heading up some amazing bespoke cocktails from Sailor Jerry, Hendrix and St.Germain. Ahoi!

Our mainroom DJs Damien Barras and Roman Azzaro both played strictly vinyls to our delight. Daniel Rajkovic resident at top Berlin nightclubs watergate resident/ weekend club / tresor / kater holzig mixed up a storm with some welcoming electro beats upstairs. Jamie Shaw, straight from London town was visuals guru for the evening. He is also a super talented painter.



Then there is the soul. Thanks to all the Generator crew who busted their behinds over the whole production. I think we all nearly passed out, raged and cried at the same time when the elevator broke but we managed somehow, Who needs the gym? Work events!

There’s shed loads more where this came from, make sure to check which events are going on in the hostel before you go. Check events on Facebook and here are some more stylin’ pics of the Origin event.

Peace. Love. Inspiration.


This blog is written by Rachel, Generator’s Venue and Events Wizzard.  Our Berlin Mitte hostel will open in April! Come and stay with Generator in Berlin Mitte!



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Generator Berlin Mitte – #Origin

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