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Berlin Mitte Opening Party: The Best Around

If you went to the Origin event in Berlin Mitte, then you’ll know how Generator rolls when it comes to parties. Now meet Origin’s bigger sister – Evolution – the Berlin Mitte opening party…

…and what a bash it was. As you queued up to enter into the unknown you were faced with a moving city scape made of tape, smoke pouring from people’s glasses and flowing techno beats leaking through the floor beneath you. Not only that, but walk through into the courtyard, you are immediately hit by the spicy smell of tacos mixed with the sweet taste of honey – Jack Daniel’s new Urban Beekeeping initiative. If you’re ever faced with one then it’s definitely worth a sip. You’re probably thinking we’re moving too fast, which means you know exactly how we felt…it was an overwhelming sensory experience.

Drinks were flowing, feet were tapping and everyone was snapping away, sharing their own #genberlin experience. As we posted an Instagram image of a gin & tonic, it appeared instantly on the TV screens across the bar for all to see…what a gimmick! Leaving the busy bar, we ventured around the corner to find out more about the mesmerising tape art we had clocked in the queue. Keledebande was their name, and neon tape art is their game. There was more tape art and frolics downstairs so off we danced, swigging a free drink and getting friendly with guests at the bar. Some might say Jägerbombs were a bad idea, but we’ve got the friendly faced barmen to thank for that.

Downstairs, a concrete room covered from head to toe with urban art and graffiti had everyone transfixed. Live graffiti by Urban Art Clash, a chill-out seating area, another bar with fancy cocktail makers, a Carlsberg costume photoshoot for all and a diverse array of art to please any eye. Words wouldn’t do it any justice, the artistic creativity involved was unreal and the lighting and atmosphere in this room was out of this world.

C’mon then Generator, what other surprises have you got for us? A large electric ‘G’ being embroidered live, a diabolist spinning his sticks and tricks, neon tape art across one whole wall in the, a strobe light and a DIY graffiti projection (confused? Check here), more DJs and another bar! Ok, we give in, you’ve got us hooked.

Let’s not forget the main guys of the night, the disc jockeys, the crowd pleasers, keeping everyone’s feet tapping and bodies moving till the early hours. Modular DJs on the Function 1 soundsystem upstairs in the bar, JFB scratching downstairs and Lauren Flax bringing it home in the basement. As soon as it hit 1:00am, guests crowded into the basement car park where the party hit the roof and went off. Bravo guys. Bravo.




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Generator Berlin Mitte Opening Party: The Best Around

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