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Be Green with Generator Barcelona

We are all in it together. Every drop of water saved or bottle recycled makes a difference. We thank you for your efforts.

Go Green With generator Barcelona

We thought it was about time we shared our environmental ethos with you. Our logo might be pink but we’re all about the green green green. Our beautifully designed Barcelona hostel has been built by applying the most robust sustainability criteria. This mantra trickles down to the daily management of the hostel and hotel, making sure it is based on a genuine respect for the environment. Our Environmental Objectives are as follows:

Waste management

We are working to separate all types of waste and to apply the best treatment for each one… moving swiftly on.

Water conservation

We monitor our use of water, ensuring we only use what is needed in order to reduce waste. What can we say, we run a tight ship.

Energy efficiency

Our facilities aren’t just a pretty face, they are designed to be energy efficient, preventing the loss of heat and cold air as well as any unnecessary consumption.


We’re all friends here and we only select environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and equipment. 

Noise pollution

We know how to have a good time but also respect our surroundings at the same time. Our hostel and hotel have been cleverly designed to avoid noises and vibrations that might disturb our neighbours.

Information and education 

All our employees are trained up in environmental consciousness . We give our guests the low down on good practices in order to reduce our environmental impact on the local area.




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