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Gen Residency: and the winners are…

Here are the chosen winners of the Generator Residency Program in Venice 2014!

We were truly blown away by the quality of applicants which came through, thank you to you all. Be sure to enter the next one too.

We managed to painstakingly choose our top 10. From these finalists we have chosen our winners. We actually ended up with 4 winners as we simply couldn’t decide between two candidates for our final residency and decided to welcome them both. Please see below the winners and their artist statements.

Thank you to our fantastic judges.

Magda Stanova

Generator Residency


I started as a photographer, but during my studies I got more and more interested in photos that everybody is taking: photos of friends, family, holidays.. In my diploma work, I analyzed photography through diagrams, drawings, short texts, objects, animation and video. Exhibiting this work at several photography festivals, I managed to smuggle the theory of photography to general public.

I hold MFA in photography and new media from Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava (Slovakia). In 2010, I received MFA in new genres from San Francisco Art Institute, where I studied as a Fulbright scholar. My works were exhibited in Spain, Australia, France, Switzerland, Italy, U.S.A., Germany, Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. In 2008, my book W cieniu fotografii was published by Foundation for Visual Arts in Krakow, Poland, and the year after, I was nominated by Joan Fontcuberta for the Discovery Award in Rencontre d’Arles festival in France.

Hanne Lippard

Generator Residency

My writing is a modest attempt at mastering reality, with words and wordplay, through the use of my own words or those of others, words borrowed from the various kinds of information surrounding us— swallowing reality and then returning it. Making words lose value and modifying them into new words, and with it, modifying their meanings.

From Hanne’s motivation towards the residency “I would like to create a small architectural poetic album, decided by the unpredictable audible outcome of Venices many corners.”

Katy Cole

Generator Residency

UK based artist Katy Cole’s work is concerned with a delicate interpretation of destructive events thrust upon landscape, architecture and material surfaces. Using found images of natural and man-made disasters, such as explosions, storms and disturbances in space, she creates detailed drawings, paintings and animation, intended to capture the extraordinary beauty inherent in these violent forces.

Cole’s installation Galaxias (2013) documents real galaxies which are painstakingly painted onto children’s building blocks, converting something of unimaginable size into a domestic scale which could be held in the palm of your hand. Perhaps these unexplored entities could become our future habitats, traversing the line of the unknown to become the familiar. Despite their beautiful appearance galaxies, nebulae and supernovae are all inherently volatile environments where a delicate play of powerful forces can meet with devastating effects. Cole’s intricate renderings both in paint and graphite capture a fleeting moment in time in these constantly changing and unpredictable landscapes.

Rosie Dolton

Generator Residency

Rosie has always been interested in making sculptures, installations, and 2D work using consuming and repetitive processes which are typically associated with femininity.

Through her work she questions traditional notions of femininity by combining soft ephemeral materials with inflexible, ‘man-made’ objects or environments.

Her current work consists of a series of ‘Inappropriate embroideries’ exploring the juxtaposition between a process mainly associated with craft and femininity with contexts more related to masculinity.



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Generator Gen Residency: and the winners are…

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