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21st March –A date that will write history

(and already has)

The year has 365 days and every day is a little different, but some days are extra special and will stay longer in your memory.

For us the 21st March is extra special, as it will be the day which will go down in history with Generator. Stay tuned for more infos from us, but here is first, why the 21st March is so special.

African Saying

On the 21st March there are still exactly 285 days until the end of the year. 285 days, which are best spend with friends, partying and exploring new places. So, why not plan an a trip to explore Berlin? The East Side Gallery, districts like Prenzelberg or Kreuzberg, the many alternative cafes and bars, Berlin’s breath-taking street art. The historic Berlin has something in stalls for everyone, especially with places like the Reichstag, Unter den Linden, Checkpoint Charlie, and many more. Even back in 1871 history was written on the 21th March in Berlin, as there the third German Reichstag was open.

But not only in Berlin is 21st March marks history. 1965 Martin Luther King led the U.S. civil rights movement on his third and most successful march; Alcatraz closed its doors and all the inmates were moved. In 1999, the 21st March went into history books as the day of the first circumnavigation of the world in a hot air balloon.

U2 rewrote music history on 21st March with the release of their legendary album, Joshua Tree ‘. That was in 1987. And 1964 on the same day Italy won the Eurovision Song Contest. Lalalalala …

And the 21st March hosts following footballers, musicians and millionaires birthdays: 1980 – Ronaldinho, 1961 – Lothar Matthäus , 1906 – no less than Rockefeller and 1685 – Johann Sebastian Bach.

The 21st March 2013 seems to see a mere 12 hours and 29 minutes of sun and according to the solar calendar, and it is also beginning of spring! Yippiee! Berlin in the spring is the best.

Couple wearing silly hats

If you’re in Berlin on the 21st March 2013 already, then you can certainly so see some of the stars and starlets of the German music scene. The 21st March is the day of the German Music Prize, the Echo Awards! In addition to old rockers like ‘Die Ärzte’ and Nena, Cro, Deichkind and Silbermond are on the list for the popular German music trophy. International artists such as Emeli Sande, Florence & The Machine and Mumford and Sons will compete for the award, and one or the other hopefully walk the walk at the red carpet. Berlin is once again entirely in the spotlight and will convinve as THE German city to be!

So hurry and don’t miss out, on the 21st March you can for a full 24 hours and as little as a limp Euro, grab a bed in our Prenzlauer Berg Berlin Hostel! Don’t waste time…beds go like hot cakes! Hurry, the offer is only on for a limted time. Tell all your friends, acquaintances, lovers and Lost-ones …. Go, tweet or share it on Facebook. 21st March, 1am GMT, for 24 hours and for only € 1 ….

For €1 to Berlin with Generator.



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Generator 21st March –A date that will write history

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