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€1 – What costs the world?


Or how far does one Euro take you ….

The gasping void in your purse, who does not know that feeling of dwindling funds? The month-end is still far away and payday is not yet in sight. An uneasy feeling slowly rises out of the stomach, sweat appears on your forehead, if you look in your wallet. Yesterday there was the 10 euro bill and now one only copper coin.

Money is running out and it becomes invisible in your wallet. Most of the times you don’t remember, where you have spent it. In Germany, since 2002 the Euro replaced the good old Deutsche Mark and the older generations still revert back to it. “€ 1 which is 2 DM”, it sounds in many ears. But has the value decreased or has it been just adjusted? The minds are split.

One Euro is 100 cents, 10 small gold coins. What can you buy for that? Especially in 2013?

Friends in the tube

In the 40’s you got twelve pints of beer for one Euro, that is a whopping 6 litres. In the 70’s you could purchase a total of 48 eggs for one Euro and in the 80′s you even got a litre of petrol for a goldling. Today petrol prices almost doubled and if you’re lucky, you get 0.5 litres for the price of one euro. In Britain you get just two packets of crisps and 1.5 cans of mean beanz for € 1.

Looking at the Euro as international purchasing power you can buy can buy 3 pints of beer in Panama for 100 cents. In Costa Rica, for the same amount of dough you get 1 fresh, juicy pineapple. In India, you can even buy 6 Kit Kats for € 1. This is three times as many as in Germany … So, ”take a break” in India!

But if you want to let your hair down and get a complete make over, head down to the Philippines. There you get the real deal and value for money. €1 and you get a new haircut.

Airplane with sunset

Back in Germany the reality will hit you. In Berlin a one way ticket with the BVV in the AB zone costs € 2.40 and Berlin is already cheap as chips compared to the cost of public transport in London or Copenhagen. Zone 1 to 2 diminishes your dosh by £ 2.80 (€ 3.20) in London and DKK 24 (€3.21) in Copenhagen. So much to low cost travelling….

Just imagine, on 21st March Generator is organizing a massive 24-hour huge bed sale. For 24 hours (these are 1440 minutes) you can buy a bed for € 1 at Generator Berlin Prenzlauer Berg for the rest of the year.

These are 285 days until the end of the year, every day a chance to stay in Berlin for 1 €. Madness …. so, what are you waiting for?

Brace your credit card (you just need it to make an online reservation), decide when you want to go to Berlin (in April for the Marathon, in May for the Summer Rave in Tempelhof, CSD in June or many other top events) and then go and book your bed!



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Generator €1 – What costs the world?

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