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13pulsions – A psychological artist

We thought we should have a quick drink with 13pulsions to know a bit more about the artist behind the ‘Sole Mare’ exhibition at Generator Barcelona. Here’s what the handsome man had to say:

What gigs/ projects have you got coming up for 2013/14?

For this year 2013 I have three major projects: End of October a solo exhibition on the theme of the Gangs at KILI GALLERY (Brussels). Then, in early November the release of my first music CD entitled SOLE / MARE . The first single was released in July and is available for download from band camp . End a second solo show at the end of December at Jose GALLERY Brussel which the title is BROKEN DAYS.

How did you come up with the name ….?

13pulsions is the name of a theory of psychology that I wrote a few years ago . In addition to being an artist I ‘m a psychologist …

If you could collaborate with anyone who would it be?

If I could do a collaboration I would not hesitate it will be with SOZY -ONE ! Because it is the artist who made me want to make art .

Have you done a lot of travelling with and outside work?

Art has allowed me to travel several times . I went in New York , Bogota , Milan , Madrid , Barcelona, Padova, London, etc. . On top of that when I travel I always try to make art and meet galleries . Art is for me a great trip.

What age were you when you first got into music?

I was 15, We had a rap group called the MPC ( MADAME PHOQUE CREW) . Since then I have never stopped making music . I am 28 years old today !

Who inspired you musically when you were young?

When I was young I listened to that of French rap. Groups such as : IAM , CNN, NTM , Oxmo Puccino. But as the U.S. rap as : Common, beastie boys , Nas , Jay D , Tribe called quest , ect. I now I always listen to rap , but also a lot of rock and indie !

What do you like about playing at Generator?

Yes it would be great! I ‘ve never played in Spain . More over Barcelona is the city that I love the most in Europe. There are a real artistic movida which is very motivating. So yes it would be fabulous to play in Generator BCN, but even in other cities. This is great because Generator is across the biggest cultural capitals of Europe!

What other pies do you have your fingers in outside your work?

As I said , I am a psychologist. I am also trying to develop therapies that combines the art with psychology. that is very intresting !

What aspects of your life do you take inspiration from?

My biggest inspiration is the city . energies that are found in cities such as Barcelona . Music also inspires me a lot !

Whose your style icon?

My style icon is definitely a mix Theophilus LONDON and Botero

What motto do you live your life by?

Ex Cultu Robur!

13pulsions is currently presenting his ‘Sole Mare’ exhibition at Generator Barcelona until 30th September.



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Generator 13pulsions – A psychological artist

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