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Top 10 Events Copenhagen Jan 2013

Copenhagen is a beautiful city to visit at any time of the year and even in the depths of winter you will find loads of interesting things to do. So if you are visiting Copenhagen this January check out our top 10 events this month to get a taste of this beautiful city:

Self Portrait at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – until 13th January

Calling all art lovers this is the last chance to see the Self Portrait exhibition at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. If you are partial to Picasso, crave Kahlo or revel in Rivera then see some of the greatest modern artists of the 20th and 21st centuries as they saw themselves. The exhibition is a journey of self discovery as the idea of self reflection has become increasingly important in modern art. Each painting shows how the genre of self portrait has evolved over the years from the idea of capturing the “soul” of the artist to a more simplified approach of just seeing one aspect of one mood on one day.

1. Struensee – The Fall at Court Theatre Museum – all January

Who knew that 18th Century Danish court was just like a soap opera? Outrageous court scandal, extramarital affairs and Machiavellian politics are all in there. Take Johan Friedrich Struensee; he was ambitious and like many politicians of today schemed to get what he wanted. In 1770 he embarked upon a passionate affair with Queen Caroline Mathilde. The whole thing came to a head after a ball in the Court Theatre where Struensee and the Queen were arrested; he was executed and she was banished. The Old Court Theatre is the perfect setting as you can breathe in the history of the place and imagine the characters of that momentous night.

2. Copenhagen Fashion Festival at venues across the city – 30th January – 3rd February

If you take three hours to pick out the right pair of shoes or change your clothes three times a day then Copenhagen Fashion festival is somewhere you can indulge your passion for fashion. Rivalling London and Paris, Copenhagen Fashion Week is where Joanne Public can join in the fun. With all the usual activities like fashion shows, street parties and concerts there will also be amazing shopping opportunities with killer discounts at many stores. So if you are a clothes-loving, shoe-fetishist shopaholic then get yourself to Copenhagen this January.

3. Miguel at VEGA – 30th January

Miguel’s smooth crooning voice blend with his genuinely thoughtfully written lyrics and with two albums already under his belt, and commercial and critical acclaim in the bag, he is set to become one of R ‘n’ B’s next generation stars. You will probably have heard his biggest single to date “All I Want is You”. VEGA is one of Copenhagen’s top music venues so if you like your R&B arty and full of soul then catch Miguel this January.

4. SMUK New Year’s concert 2013 at Tivoli Concert Hall – 20th January

If you can’t quite believe that the fun and excitement of the festive season is all over then the SMUK New Year’s Concert is just the thing to perk you up. This year accompanying the Slesvig’s music corps will be Danish singer Malene Mortensen and the entertainer Søren Pilmark. The best bit is that in the price of your ticket is free access to the gardens. Spend the afternoon on the rides and have some fun then get a serious classical music fix in the evening.

5. Hey Jude At Copenhagen Forum – 28th December – 15th January

If you like your music a little more modern then check out the Hey Jude concert at Forum. This is a celebration of one of the most amazing collaborations of all time. Some say Lennon and McCartney made musical brilliance and there is no denying their songs are still iconic today. Performing will be some of Denmark’s biggest names including Pernille Rosendahl; the lead singer of Danish rock band The Storm and also one of the judges on Danish X Factor. All your favourite Beatles hits are on the playlist from She Loves You and Let It Be to Lady Madonna and, of course, Hey Jude.

6. Marina and the Diamonds at VEGA – 24th January

With the signature sweetheart on her cheek Marina Diamandis is the newest pop princess. Marina and the Diamonds is her stage persona and Marina claims the Diamonds are her fans, not the backing band. Marina’s latest album “Electra Heart” reached number one in the UK and Ireland and is a new direction for her. Marina has her own style like many pop divas but don’t let this put you off as she is a pocket rocket on stage and you will fall head over heels for her.

7. Cai Guo-Qiang: A Clan of Boats at Faurschou Copenhagen – until 31st January

One thing linking China and Copenhagen is a long seafaring tradition and a deep relationship with the sea. Another thing is the stunning exhibition “A Clan of Boats” by Cai Guo-Qiang. Best known for his Gunpowder Drawings, Cai is one of those artists who likes to extend the boundaries of what he sees as suppressive, controlled artistic traditions. For fans of unusual modern art then “Clan of Boats” is a must. The Faurschou Gallery is right out in the harbour area and you can almost feel the gentle rocking of the waves beneath your feet.

8. Awolnation at VEGA – 22nd January

VEGA is known for its eclectic mix of genres but for some hard rocking, rage busting tunes then catch Awolnation here in January. With big thrashing drums, rock guitars and the merest background hint of electronica his band will have you head banging all night. With all the art and intellect of Radiohead but the sheer noise and energy of ACDC, Awolnation are poised to take the music world by storm.

9. Dicte & Hempler at Koncerthuset – 26th January

For some more mellow tunes try the beautiful paring of Danish musicians Dicte & Hempler. Both are seasoned performers with more years in the industry than they probably care to mention. Claus Hempler has a background in guitar based rock with a hint of jazz and is characterised in this partnership as “the crooner”. Benedicte, her full name, has the sort of soulful voice many young divas would kill for and her style matches Hempler’s perfectly. This series of concerts, named “The Dark and Stormy Sessions 2013” will be a mix of new and old songs plus a generous helping of gossip and anecdotes of their time in the business.

Of course, this is just a flavour of what is happening in Copenhagen this January and there is something to suit everyone’s taste. If you want to know more, then Generator Copenhagen can point you right to the middle of the action.

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