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Top Events Berlin Jan 2013

In Berlin in January? Not sure what to do with yourself? Generator Berlin has just the thing to keep you occupied and possibly warm as well.

Bring your dancing shoes

Dropkick Murphys at Columbiahalle – 27th January

Arguably the Dropkick Murphys are the best Irish punk band ever to come across the pond. One thing they aren’t though, is Fall Out Boy with bagpipes. Citing AC/DC and The Ramones as musical influences their sound is often more on the side of punk than traditional Irish. The Dropkick Murphys promise the party of the century with beer flowing onto the floor and ladies dancing on tabletops. Expect a party that doesn’t stop at sunrise and only ends when the beer runs dry. Just have a look at the video for “Going Out In Style”.

One Night Of Queen at Tempodrom – 26th January

To relive the closest thing to Freddie Mercury, see Gary Mullen and The Works performing One Night of Queen. We Will Rock You is the opening line of the show and that is exactly what they do. Gary dons Freddie’s iconic white jump suit and artfully bangs out everyone’s favourite Queen Anthems. The voice, the moves, the sultry microphone action – it almost feels like the legend is there on stage with him. The band is no slouch either with the lead guitarist David Brockett seeming to channel Brian May on stage. If you never got the chance to see Freddie or Queen live then this is the next best thing. We defy you not the get on your feet during the whole show.

Tanztage Berlin at Sophiensaele – 4th – 14th January

Love a bit of Latino or some show dancing? Then see some of the newest choreographers and dancers in Berlin at Tanztage Berlin. Each year a handful of up and coming talent is given a tight budget and an even tighter time frame to come up with a stunning piece of work to impress audiences and judges. This event is traditionally the opener for the year for modern dance in the city and you will see some of the best performers in the country. All types of dance styles are covered from funky jazz and salsa to krumping and street style hip hop.

Transmediale across Berlin – 29th January – 3rd February

Are you a bit of a geek or technofreak? Do you know what BWPWAP means? Back in 2006, due to technological innovations, Pluto was demoted to a dwarf planet and our solar system became just a little bit smaller and less cool. BWPWAP (Back When Pluto Was A Planet) is the theme for this year’s Transmediale in Berlin, it takes a look at how current technology is always moving forward and what is being left behind. See how the user experience has shaped technological advances. Are social networks now too invasive? Is paper increasingly a thing of the past? Find out the answers to these questions and pose your own with Berlin’s international festival for digital art and culture.

The Script at Huxley’s Neue Welt – 22nd January

Heading the next generation of the soft rock anthem is Irish sensation, The Script. Four years ago these three Irish guys played an embarrassing gig to just 26 people, most of whom they were related to. Now they play to 60,000 screaming fans at huge venues. The sound of The Script is dominated by the emotion and passion of the Irish soul expertly mixed with a startling modernity. If you like your rock mainstream with a pop edge then this gig is definitely for you. For an edgier feel try “Hall of Fame” which is a collaboration with the super being that is

International Green Week at Messe Berlin – 18th – 27th January

Ever wondered where food comes from? Find out at Berlin’s International Green Week exhibition. Now in its 78th year this is the world’s biggest fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. It follows consumer trends and how regional sourcing plays an increasingly important role. Renewable resources, organic agricultural and products, rural development and gardening continue to gain importance at International Green Week. The dazzling displays of vegetables, fruits and even beers and wines will have your mouth watering.

Jim Breuer at QUATSCH Comedy Club Berlin – 15th January

Need a good laugh to chase away the mid-winter blues? What better way than an evening of fun and frivolity with Jim Breuer. Best known for his stints on America’s favourite comedy show, Saturday Night Live, particularly memorable was his Goat Boy character. Jim’s sleepy eyes and stoner laugh belies his well known love for his family who he frequently takes on tour with him. Jim’s style is as a storyteller, mixing personal anecdotes with humorous observational comedy. He is also rather loud and likes to shout into the mic. Just the thing to perk you up in the depths of a Berlin winter.

FlexStrom-Cup Berlin at Max-Schmeling-Halle – 12th January

Speaking of football if you like to watch the odd match but don’t fancy standing outside in the cold weather then why not watch an indoor football tournament? Don’t worry if you think you won’t know any of the names because some of the top European teams will be competing including Real Madrid, Hertha Berlin and Bayer Leverkusen, who are the defending champions. So if you are looking for some Champions League grade football in a warmer location then the FlexStrom Cup event is for you.

You might think that Berlin in the middle of winter is dull but far from it. Generator has the inside track on the top places to go and gigs to see in this amazing city.

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