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Barcelona Kunstwettbewerb Finalisten 1.Teil

Mit über 80 Einsendungen zu unserem Barcelona Kunstwettbewerb haben wir ein unglaubliches Interesse erhalten von internationalen Nachwuchskünstlern. Künstler aus der weiten Welt haben ihre Kunstproben eingesendet und wir hatten Teilnehmer von Belgrad, Bogota und Kuba!

Danke an Euch alle….wir waren begeistert.

Es war eine nicht einfache Entscheidung für die Jury, die 20 Finalisten zu wählen. Hier ist nun die erste Hälfte von unseren top Talent.

Schau‘ dir das unglaubliche Nachwuchstalent an und bekomme einen kleinen Eindruck von Ihren Kunstwerken und Proben….. Sag’ uns welcher Dein Favorit ist. Klicke einfach den Link und twittere, oder teile Ihn auf Facebook!

Gustavo Cipriano/ Dublin

“Express the emptiness, truth, love and sublime using elements of Brazilian culture as Forró music typical of the northeast. I believe in detachment of consumption, and the demythologizing of images like the skull that is the foundation of human life. That way I create my paintings tint using water based (blue, red, black and white) and small shadow detail spray (the ozone layer thanks).
Barcelona has no comments because breathes art is inside or outside the European economic crisis.
Knowing and painting in Barcelona??
my dream!” ( Artist concept statement)

Gustavo Cipriano

Laura Garcia/ Barcelona

“I am very good with acrylics, pencil and pen. Drawing is something I have done as long as I can remember, it was only 7 years ago, when I started painting seriously. I love nature and animals, and most of my inspiration comes from there., from small details, patterns, colours or repetitions. I have been working on geometric shapes and tessellations lately. I have discovered that everything in nature has a mathematical perfection hidden in plain sight. It is those wonders, small hints and acknowledgements that I try to interpret and understand.” ( Artist concept statement)

Laura Garcia

Andrea Norden/ Stockholm

“I like to capture things in everyday life that may seem ordinary and normal, but if you look closer it’s art. It may be an expression on a face, a glance of an eye or an old coca cola can on the street.
I’m amazed by the world we live in and the people who live in it and I always try to explore more than what we see at first.
I most often do minimalistic and very realistic sketches. Street art is one of my biggest interests so I have also done a lot of collage paintings using spray cans, and also painted on large walls. Painting on walls is now my biggest mission, especially when it evolves around creating something where you explore a city and its people. That’s why I think this contest sounds great and I would love to participate!” ( Artist concept statement)

Andrea Norden

Sonia Ferre´/ Barcelona

“En els meus projectes sempre prenen la part més important les formes organiques d’una manera molt explosiva i elèctrica, convinant el que podem entendre per natura i per artifici, creant espais imaginaris de noves maneres d’entendre el que ens envolta. El resultat és un estil abstracte on hi predomina el color llempant, normalment utilitzant acrílic, tot i que moltes vegades intento convinar dibuix, fotografia i dibuix assistit per l’ordinador per acabar de completar aquest univers visual.” ( Artist concept statement)

Sonia Ferre

Raul Villalba/Buenos Aires

“Arte fantastico” ( Artist concept statement)

Raul Villalba

Neus Lozano/ Barcelona

“I work in illustration, sweet style, colourful, sometimes intuitive …” ( Artist concept statement)

Neus Lozano 1

Neus Lozano 2


David Marteos Cabeas/ El Prat del Llobregat

“El meu projecte es pintura mural. Utilitzant spray sobre paret.
El meu estil es basa en combinacions de colors i combinacions de formes.
Vaig començar fa tres anys realitzant pintures al carrer a partir de la improvisació, i imaginant animals o coses de la naturalesa, i va anar evolucionant.
El meu estil i la meva expressió, m’agrada pensar que te aquesta connexió amb Barcelona per tota la influencia que te aquesta ciutat amb l’art del color,, amb l’art de la forma,, amb els estils surrealistes i innovadors que vam tenir far molts anys, i que encara aquí s’estan continuant durant dècades. Parlo de Gaudi, de les obres del grup dau al set, i també d’altres mes contemporanis com serien pintors ja esmentats per al concurs. (kenor, pez)

De cara a la pintura a realitzar, m’agradaria pintar alguna cosa relacionada amb el mar, així com dibuixar l’aigua amb moltes formes i poder-hi incloure algun rostre que humanitzes aquesta aigua.
M’agrada Barcelona, pels seus carrers, perque encara queden zones de l’antic graffiti, m’agrada encara que estigui plena de turistes, ja que donen a la ciutat l’aire cosmopolita i tant divers que té, i m’agrada el clima mediterrani, m’agrada el mar, i m’agrada l’arquitectura de Barcelona.” ( Artist concept statement)

David Marteos Cabeas

Anita Zaira Haas/ Amsterdam

“My artist name is Zaira. I’m a street artist from Switzerland i make since 6 years active art on the street
now I work since two years on the streets and gallery’s in Amsterdam
my works are done free hand with spray can and with stencils
I like to make colourful walls animals or faces, cityscape………….big walls :)
I like to make a lot different stuff. ” ( Artist concept statement)

Anita Zaira Hass

Calum Houldsworth / Caterham

“I like to use colour and drawings with the use of Photoshop to make a very interesting and visually appalling piece of work. I would start and see what makes Barcelona, Barcelona. I would draw the aspects of Barcelona and make a scene which captures the life and essence of the place, My sample work is the result of visually recording the area Brick Lane, in London, If I were given the chance I would develop and improve this style.” ( Artist concept statement)

Calum Houldsworth

Calum Houldsworth


Eduard Sacre/ Barcelona

“El meu nestil es basa en l’stencyl, mètode pel qual amb plantilles i sprays puc reproduïr la mateixa plantilla en varis llocs i en varis soports. M’inspiren els carrers, la gent, la música i l’art en general; m’inspira Barcelona, i és per això que vull parlar sobre i de Barcelona. El meu projecte consistirà en realitzar un mural donant les gràcies a la ciutat, demostrant perquè m’estimo Barcelona.” ( Artist concept statement)

Eduard Sacre



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